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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Five Good Ways to Have Better Sex | Sex Guidance

Five Good Ways to Have Better Sex | Sex Guidance 

Five Good Ways to Have Better Sex | Sex Guidance

You will be surprised to discover some unusual ways in which you can make your sex life more pleasant and exciting.

Breathe deeper

Deep breathing not only relaxes you, it also helps to allow oxygen-rich blood to flow through your body. You are much more likely to have an orgasm as a result.

Tense muscles and tension are not conducive to orgasm and you need a lot of oxygen-rich blood to reach your vulva if you also want to become fully agitated.

Enjoy a good book

Sharing your sexiest dreams is a great way to get more of what you want in bed and try new things. But if you can not think of any ideas yourself, you can read parts of an erotic book together.

"It can be difficult to express fantasies, but by reading it from a book, it becomes less embarrassing and can lead to dramatic new ideas about what to do," says Dr. Ian Kerner from

Try Anais Nin's Delta or Venus or for something more modern, you can try Ageless Erotica by Joan Price.

Focus on a new feeling

If you always have sex with the light on, must turn it off. If you always stare into each other's eyes, try to wear a blindfold.

"By changing the way you usually have sex, you become aware of other senses - sight, sound, touch, taste - that can also create intense feelings of excitement," says Kerner.

"You can try to use massage oils to enhance the feeling of each other, or even something adventurous, such as body paint with chocolate flavor, for example!"

To play games

One of the best ways to get a sexy mindset is a bit competitive sport - a game of tennis or squash with your partner would be ideal, but it does not have to be as physical as that.

"Challenge your partner for a chess game or cards, whatever you like, but higher up," says Kerner. "So for example, who wins, immediately enjoys his favorite sexact."

Slow things down

If you have been with your partner for a while, you may have discovered a pattern of movements that works very well ... but the disadvantage is that you do not have to do other movements that do not bring him or her to an orgasm as quickly and that leads to a faint sex life.

"You may know that oral sex is the most effective way to lead to orgasm," says Kerner, "but do not let that stop you from stimulating yourself to stimulate other body parts and sex toys, although they might not so quickly to an orgasm, you can find that they bring you a different kind of orgasm if you give yourself the time to explore. "

Five Good Ways to Have Better Sex | Sex Guidance 

Better Sex by Improving Your Breathing | Sex Guidance

Better Sex by Improving Your Breathing | Sex Guidance

Breathing is like the siren goes off in your body. If it is a mistake, there are more sinister forces in the game, such as stress, tension and fear. None of these makes you better. In order to really enjoy sex, you need to connect yourself and your partner 'in a deeper, deeper way', says Jimmy Burgio, an instructor at Pure Yoga in New York. And the easiest way to do that is to do exactly what you do now: breathing, but with more control.

During sex - and especially during sex with a new partner - you can become nervous or restless. You can hold your breath, or huff and puff pastry irregularly. You think of a thousand things at once, if you want to think about it. Controlled, conscious breathing calms the excess sound and relaxes your body. You are attuned to what happens to you and the sex is more fun, much more. "You become more skilled, because you do not worry about the past or worry about the future," says Burgio.

You know how they say "breathe through the pain?" Well, also breathe through the fun. "The idea is that you want to come to that place of habit," says Burgio. "That does not mean you lie down and be a starfish - it means that you can participate in what's going on in a very dynamic way, because you are not hung up or controlled."

And yes, this can let go as a hippie or holistic, but sex is about feeling good, and taking control of your breathing is the most direct way to get there.

The Better-Sex Breathing routine

Here are three techniques to draw attentive, healing breaths, courtesy of Burgio. In practice, they will not only help with your sex life, but yes, they will help you with your sex life. And they are also not difficult to integrate into your daily routine.

1. An exercise for always and everywhere

Do for: 1 minute, at least 3 times a day
Inhale from the tailbone to the crown of your head and then exhale in the opposite direction, from the crown of your head to your tailbone. Follow your breath as it travels that path. If certain areas are tense, it can continue to breathe them smooth.

Wisdom of instructor: "Link a color to the breath, so maybe green." When you cross the zebra crossing and you see a green light, it reminds you to bring your consciousness back to the breath. "


2. An exercise for stressful situations

Do it for 5 minutes after you wake up or before you go to sleep; or, if necessary.
If you find yourself in a tense situation, focus on feeling as you breathe. For example, if you breathe through your nose, your breath is cooler and if you breathe through your nose, it is warmer. Think of cool breathing as a calm wind and hot breathing as the tension that drives you out of your body. As you feel more, you will notice that specific stress spots start to rise in your body.

Wisdom of instructor: "Suppose you just got out of an exciting meeting or that you are anxiously waiting for someone to send you back.These are great times to notice the sensations, because then you will think of: I am nervously tapping my foot now, there is tension in my neck, my forehead is completely grooved, it is good for high stakes sensations, when it becomes really clear that you are stressed. "

3. An exercise for when you have sex

Doing for: How long do you have sex?
During your lovemaking, you should consciously breathe with your partner by noticing how you breathe and then how your partner breathes. If one of you breathes irregularly or holds your breath, be an influencer by making deeper breaths - and if necessary making eye contact - so that your breath begins to synchronize. Eventually it will naturally (and not awkwardly) feel to breathe together.

Wisdom of instructor: "It is not necessarily something you have to sit on and must be like," Let's breathe together, "but you will find that it will increase the way you feel sensations, if you have a tense moment. , or do not go as necessary as you thought, just concentrate on your breathing. "

Better Sex by Improving Your Breathing | Sex Guidance

Not Worrying About Staying in Bed Longer | Sex Guidance

Not Worrying About Staying in Bed Longer | Sex Guidance

Not-Worrying-About-Staying-in-Bed-Longer, Sex-Guidance
The bigger the better. The more the merrier. Size matters. As a culture we are obsessed with the idea of ​​having the most, or in this case, the longest duration of anything. Give it the blame of advertising, insecurity, a society where boys still measure everything against their own cocks; Whatever the reason, it is no surprise why it would be a good idea to stay in bed really, extremely, ridiculously. The truth is that it is not that simple for everyone.

Of course, the iconic words of Missy Elliott about wanting "no one-minute-man" still sound. You might be right. You might be great. But disappeared in sixty seconds? That will probably not happen. And if sixty seconds of penetration is all you have to offer, it's time to sharpen your other skills a lot. Here are a few things to consider before dealing with your next meeting as a match.

Sex is not a sprint, but it is certainly not a marathon.

Leave the idea that the time you spend on sexual intercourse is directly related to the quality of the dick you give. One hour of bad sex is still bad sex, but five amazing minutes can be unforgettable. We have had just as many connections that are absolutely premature when we have stared at the ceiling trying to determine how we politely ask: 'Are you ready?' After applying the same energy that you would stop in the distance to come on the same page as your partner, a sex marathon may not seem as attractive (or triumphant) as it once did.

The key to good sex is communication.

Your intimate encounter is more than just penetration. You must Whispering in your partner's ear: "How do you like that?" mid-stroke does not qualify as useful communication - find out immediately what they want. This can happen before you go to the bedroom (and dirty talk can even lead you to it). Strengthening the quality of communication will not only result in better sex (this is a fact), it will also result in a healthier relationship at every level - friends with benefits, to be married for 15 years with

Look for other ways to please your partner.

If you strive to cover the whole distance, but you constantly feel like you are failing, do not let yourself be insecure by a quick session. There are always methods, such as mastering the art of cunnilingus and ensuring that you have a confident, firm, but conscious touch. Start carefully and read the signals. But most importantly, if you show that you have been invested in the pleasure of your partner instead of how long you can afford it, you can eventually circumvent how short (or long) you last last.

You may have been working long enough.

Those of you who are already in the distance should probably contact your partner. Maybe you kill the game and you really put it down for a longer period of ecstasy, but your partner can also offer you and your ego shelter - just ask! And you do not have to say, "Do I walk too long?" You can simply do this research because you want to know more about what works for their needs. Furthermore, after you have checked that you are doing everything you can for them (as in, you come second), it may be nicer to ask for things you like and that can help you get out before your partner is over it and stare at the ceiling.

In short: communicating. As soon as you do not waste energy on staying as long as possible, you will put yourself in position to have a constantly evolving and ever better sex life - one in which the last thing you have to worry about is the clock. And besides, there is always round two.

Not Worrying About Staying in Bed Longer | Sex Guidance