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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Texas Congressman-elect and former Navy SEAL Pete Davidson as Dan Crenshaw appears on 'SNL' | How Webs | News | Uinted States | USA

Texas Congressman-elect and former Navy SEAL Pete Davidson as Dan Crenshaw appears on 'SNL' | How Webs | News | Uinted States | USA

Veteran mocked on 'Saturday Night Live' wins House seat

Texas Congressman-elect and former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw responds to being ridiculed by Pete Davidson.

Texas Congressman-elect and former Navy SEAL Pete Davidson as Dan Crenshaw appears on 'SNL' | How Webs | News | Uinted States | USA

U.S. Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw appeared on “Saturday Night Live” to get some revenge and shake hands following last week’s episode in which a cast member mocked his war injury.

Criticism was swift after Pete Davidson joked that some people might be surprised that Crenshaw, 34, a U.S. Navy veteran, was “not a hitman in a porno movie,” alluding to the eyepatch that Crenshaw wears since losing his right eye during a 2012 deployment to Afghanistan.

Republicans and veterans groups quickly condemned the joke, with Crenshaw saying: “What passes for humor these days is not what used to pass for humor and that’s the big tragedy in all of this.”

Days after the show, the Texas Republican was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

This week, Crenshaw joined Davidson onstage in New York City to put the incident behind them.

“In what I'm sure was a huge shock for people who know me, I made a poor choice last week,” Davidson said before Crenshaw appeared. “I made a joke about Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw, and on behalf of the show and myself, I apologize.”

“I mean this from the bottom of my heart. It was a poor choice of words. The man is a war hero and he deserves all of the respect in the world. And if any good came of this, maybe it was that for one day the left and the right finally came together to agree on something: that I'm a d---,” he added.

Next it was Crenshaw’s turn. After accepting Davidson's apology, he got a call on his cellphone - which featured a ringtone of the Ariana Grande song "Breathin."

Davidson appeared to be surprised but laughed in response.

Texas Congressman-elect and former Navy SEAL Pete Davidson as Dan Crenshaw appears on 'SNL' | How Webs | News | Uinted States | USA

Then Crenshaw took a few shots at the "SNL" star.

“This is Pete Davidson,” Crenshaw said as a photo of Davidson appeared. “He looks like if the meth from 'Breaking Bad' was a person,” Crenshaw said. “He looks like a troll doll with a tapeworm.” And then, “He looks like Martin Short in 'The Santa Clause 3.' By the way, one of these people was actually good on 'SNL.'"

“You’re not wrong,” Davidson replied.

Since Saturday's episode fell on Veterans Day weekend, Crenshaw told viewers the best way to respect service members is to tell them "Never forget."

"When you say ‘Never forget,’ you are implying that as an American you are in it with them, not separated by a barrier between civilians and veterans,” Crenshaw said directly to the camera. “Never forget those we lost in war, and never forget those we lost on 9/11, like Pete’s father.” He and Davidson then each respectfully told each other, “Never forget.”

The true heroes of this matter what form their heroism takes...don't allow themselves to be driven off mission by small minded, unimportant people. Lt Commander Crenshaw didn't get where he is by forgetting that. Our President would be well served to take a life lesson from him.


Texas Congressman-elect and former Navy SEAL Pete Davidson as Dan Crenshaw appears on 'SNL'

Friday, November 2, 2018

Top 10 Best Latest New Gadgets Technology New Invention 2019 | Latest Electronic Gadgets | Technology News | New Technology Gadgets | Cool Gadgets | Home Gadgets | Tech Gadgets

Top 10 Best Latest New Gadgets Technology New Invention 2019 | technology news | new technology gadgets | cool gadgets | home gadgets | tech gadgets.
Top 10 Best Latest New Gadgets Technology New Invention 2019 | Latest Electronic Gadgets | Technology News | New Technology Gadgets | Cool Gadgets | Home Gadgets | Tech Gadgets

Today Latest Gadgets News - Find Latest Technology News for the latest Gadgets i.e

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Top 10 Best Latest New Gadgets Technology New Invention 2019 | Latest Electronic Gadgets | Technology News | New Technology Gadgets | Cool Gadgets | Home Gadgets | Tech Gadgets

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Penn Badgley Clarifies Comments That He Was Molested After Gossip Girl Fame

Penn Badgley Clarifies Comments That He Was Molested After Gossip Girl Fame

Penn Badgley Clarifies Comments That He Was Molested After Gossip Girl Fame

Penn Badgley has been popular while the pilot of You is still getting closer. Badgley is best known for his rendition of Dan Humphreys in the hit series Gossip Girl. Penn Badgley is also known for the films Easy A, The Stepfather, John Tucker Must Die and Margin Call.

Elizabeth Lail is known for her work in Once Upon a Time, Dead of Summer and The Blacklist. Lail played Princess Anna / Joan in Once Upon a Time season 4 and Amy Hughes in Dead of Summer.
Fans of Pretty Little Liars will be happy to see Shay Mitchell who played Emily Fields in the long-running hit series. Mitchell is scheduled to shine in the ABC series The Heiresses.

A & E Networks' new series You start tonight with their pilot episode about Lifetime. Based on the best-selling eponymous novel by Caroline Kepnes, Netflix has the exclusive rights to the show, including the first season with 10 episodes. Season two has been set for 2019.

Penn Badgley is enlightening comments he made during an interview in which he said he was "molested" after he became famous on Gossip Girl.

"The point of my comment was not to reveal a personal trauma, I talked about how emotional and physical limits are being violated for someone in the public eye who is seen as an object of desire," said Badgley, 31 , in a statement to PEOPLE on Monday.

"Depending on so many factors, varying from conscious abuse to something very unconscious - and that is the point I have been making cautious in the context of a discussion about fanaticism and cultural norms that support manipulative or abusive behavior - these are the same standards that predatory men support, but not exclusively predatory men, "he continued. "They all influence and infect us."

In his speech with The Daily Beast in a profile published on Sunday, Badgley, who played the lead role as Dan Humphrey during the CW drama of 2007-12, said that he was 'literally molested' by fans.
"I think that as an actor you can become an object of desire, something women are more or less accustomed to around the world - I've certainly been, I mean, I do not want to sound sensational, but I've literally molested - just in the literal sense of the word - by many people in the moment, "Badgley told the website.


"Because that's what they do," he added.
The Daily Beast described Badley as "thoughtful and cautious when he discusses this" and said that he "recognized the privilege that it was a man, not to mention a white man, to give him the right."
Badgley, starring as stalker Joe Goldberg in Lifetime's new drama thriller You, admitted: "these things are going to happen, you know."

"And it's interesting to even hear that you have that reaction, like" I'm sorry, "because I did not even think about it then," he said.

"You are led in particular as a man that if it happens, you feel good about it, especially if it comes from someone who is also an object of your desire, and I think it is interesting to this show. Joe looks like me, he acts and talks to me to some extent, so I think the audience should be like, "Oh, that would be nice if someone was so in love with me," he continued.

On Sunday, Badgley debuted in You, in which he plays a bookshop manager obsessed with a young woman.

"Using the internet and social media as his tools to gather the most intimate details and come close to her, a charming and uncomfortable crush quickly becomes an obsession as he silently and strategically removes every obstacle - and person - on his way. ", says Lifetime's website.

Penn Badgley Clarifies Comments That He Was Molested After Gossip Girl Fame

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Elizabeth Olsen's Boyfriend Is Now Her Roommate | howwebs

Elizabeth Olsen's Boyfriend Is Now Her Roommate

When James asks Elizabeth Olsen about this week's big step with her boyfriend, David Tenant explains how he was at the same time the best and worst dressed for me in the UK. And no, Elizabeth has never been a nose job.


Elizabeth Olsen Live from the Avengers: Infinity War Premiere

Elizabeth Olsen's "Avengers: Infinity War" premiere Scarlet Witch tour, new tricks and an upright mystery around the latest Marvel Studios movie.


Elizabeth Olsen Complete Interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan 2017

Guest Co-Host Carrie Ann Inaba
Elizabeth Olsen completes live interview with Kelly and Ryan 2017

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Barbara Bush Failing Health and Will Not Seek Further Treatment | howwebs

Barbara Bush said she was "in good spirits" in recent days but Barbara Bush in health problems, will not seek further treatment

Barbara Bush Failing Health
George H W Bush (centre) with wife Barbara and son George W Bush. Photo: AFP

Barbara Bush Failing Health | Former first lady Barbara Bush, despite having health problems and refusing to continue receiving medical treatment, remained in "great spirit" during her last days, according to her granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager. In fact, since Monday night he was alert and talking about a bourbon, a source close to the Bush family told CBS News.

The source said she is being treated at her home in Houston and has decided she does not want to return to the hospital. She has been on oxygen for a while.

Her husband, former President George H. Bush is with her, as well as her daughter Doro and her children Marvin and Neil. Her other children, former President George W. Bush and former Gov. Jeb Bush, visited her last week.

Barbara Bush Failing Health | The former first lady, 92, had gone through a series of hospitalizations and decided not to seek additional medical attention. She had been suffering in recent years of congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD makes it hard for you to breathe, according to the source. On Monday, Hager said his grandmother and grandfather, former President George H.W. Bush, is surrounded by family.

The Bush office issued a statement, confirming after a "series of recent hospitalizations," that it has decided not to seek additional medical help and instead will focus on "comfort care."

"It will not surprise those who know her that Barbara Bush has been a rock in the face of her lack of health, she cares not for herself, thanks to her enduring faith, but for others, she is surrounded by a family that loves and appreciates. many kind messages and especially the prayers he is receiving, "the statement continued.

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Barbara Bush Failing Health"As my mother has become increasingly fragile, can not walk or take their dogs and things like that, we have quality time and we share this quality time with other family and friends who come to read," said Neil Bush.

He held back the tears when he said that he was rereading his mother's memories and that he had a new appreciation of his life.

"And reading the story of their incredible life together has been a remarkable blessing to me personally as a son," Neil Bush told KHOU-TV. "And a reminder of what a fabulous woman she is and what a good life they have lived and what a great life we ​​have experienced and how much they have done for so many others, including their favorite subject, which is literacy"

Barbara Bush Failing HealthMore recently, she was admitted to the Houston Methodist Hospital on Good Friday with difficulty breathing. She was better and had been released at the beginning of last week, but it started to get worse in the last days.
People are generally aware that Bush Sr. suffers from a form of Parkinson's disease that has him in a wheelchair; however, most were not aware of the health problems of the former first lady, which began approximately two years ago.

The Bush have been married for 73 years. The former president wrote in his book, "All the Best, George Bush:" "We are two people, but we are one."

Bush is the only living wife of a former president and the mother of another former president.

Barbara Bush Failing Health | She has dedicated her life after the life of the White House to the cause of literacy, and she and her husband have raised more than a billion dollars for charities since they left office.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Underwater Recording Camera HD | High Quality Waterproof Camera

Underwater Recording Camera HD | High Quality Waterproof Camera

Underwater Recording Camera HD - High Quality Waterproof Camera

Are you still looking for a better way to fish? Many people who like to fish are looking for the best ways to be more effective with their fishing game and capture more fish and catch more quality. You can improve your fishing with the help of Underwater Recording Camera HD for fishing that can give you a better idea of ​​what is happening in the water.

Then you can easily explore the fish, see how the fish are reacting to their hooks, lures and baits and see their presentation without major problems. You can fish effectively, whether you are fishing in fresh water or in salt water.

How the Underwater Recording Camera HD can be useful for you :

Many fishermen tend to wait for long hours to fish. However, by not getting the proper visibility of what is happening underwater, they begin to leave it to guess and disembowel intuition, and if they do not catch anything, they are frustrated and have no idea.

With the help of an Underwater Recording Camera HD, now you can get a better view and angle in the water, letting them know if there are fish or if there are not any; and if so, what kind and how are they reacting to bait or lures, and with that idea, capture fish in a more effective way.

You get the following advantages of the underwater camera:

Better visibility of High Quality Waterproof Camera in dark areas:

Now, you can see clearly even in the darkest areas where you can find a variety of fish species in different structures that you have not seen before. With night vision, you can now easily see what is happening in deep and dark water or at night.

Get better visual impermeability underwater:

This will be one of the great and incredible things about the use of underwater cameras. They offer the best underwater visual protection with incredible High Quality Waterproof Camera protection. There are many cameras that require changing their lenses or their casing due to water, but when using an underwater camera, you can have one that is optimized for underwater use.

Better vision of Underwater Recording Camera HD in your fishing game:

If you face the problem of not knowing how to set your hook, or if the fish are interested in what you are using; Underwater HD fishing cameras can give you a better perception to capture fish in a perfect way than ever before.

High Quality Waterproof Camera, Strong enough to catch heavy fish:

With a proper wireless fishing camera, built and optimized for fishing, you do not have to worry about the camera interfering with your line, decoy or bait, and you definitely do not have to worry about it being unable to hold it. the power of a big catch. Some underwater fishing cameras can even contain 1000 pounds of tension.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with the bestopportunity to improve your fishing experience and your most effective game with a spearfishing camera. Get ready for all the advantages that offer the best moments of your fishing experience together with your friends, family and the community.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

China Plans Additional Tariffs for US $ 50b Products Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974

China plans additional tariffs for US $ 50b | China on Wednesday unveiled a list of $ 50 billion worth of products imported from the United States that will be subject to higher tariffs, which include soy, automobiles and chemicals.

The China Customs Council's Customs Tariff Commission decided to set an additional 25% tariff for 106 products in 14 categories, the Ministry of Finance announced on its website.

China Plans Additional Tariffs for US $ 50b Products Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974
Image by

The measure was adopted after the government of the United States announced a proposed list of products subject to additional tariffs, which covers Chinese exports worth 50 billion US dollars with a suggested tariff rate of 25 percent.

The implementation date will depend on when the US government imposes tariffs on Chinese products, the MOF said.

China plans additional tariffs for US $ 50bThe Ministry of Commerce said in a statement that the US measure was "a clear violation of the rules of the World Trade Organization."

The measurement of the EE. UU "It severely violated the rights and legitimate interests enjoyed by China in accordance with WTO rules and threatened the economic interests and security of China," the MOC said.

The new tariffs that China decided to impose on US products were a reaction to "the emergency caused by the violation of international obligations by the United States," he added.

The affected products will include a wide variety of agricultural products such as soybeans, corn, beef, orange juice and tobacco. A range of chemicals and automobiles, as well as aircraft with a curb weight between 15 tons and 45 tons, will also be subject to tariffs.

The economies of China and the United States are highly complementary, and "cooperation is the only correct option for the two countries," said the MOF.

China plans additional tariffs for US $ 50b | Both countries must remain rational, improve communication and manage differences in a constructive way, added the MOF.

The vehicles, information technology, health and the aerospace industry will be subject to tariffs on products worth 50 billion dollars from China, the Trump administration said on Tuesday.

The Office of the US Trade Representative UU It published the official list of products that the administration proposes to apply to the rates. The list covers a large number of items, including vehicles and all types of mechanical devices. Together, the proposed tariffs would reach around $ 50 billion in imports, the administration said.

[China plans additional tariffs for US $ 50b] "The proposed product list is based on extensive inter-agency economic analysis and will target products benefiting from China's industrial plans while minimizing the impact on the US economy. Sectors subject to proposed tariffs include aerospace industries , of information and communication, robotics and machinery, "said the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

China plans additional tariffs for US $ 50b products Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974

Monday, March 5, 2018

Jnnifer Lawrence laughing at Emma Stone during the Oscars Award

Jennifer Lawrence laughing at Emma Stone during the Oscars Award

Jennifer Lawrence was not nominated for the Oscar 90th Academy Awards, but it did not stop her from her life at the prize show.

Jnnifer-Lawrence, laughing-at-Emma-Stone-during-the-Oscars-Award

Except for climbing on chairs that had a glass of wine, J-Law for a moment laughed at her opening-up monologue for her best friend and mummy-neighbor Emmy Akmene's Jimmy Kimmell discovery monologue. Kimmel's talk began with the fun of blending last year's best images when La La Land was called Moonlight. This year, when you hear your name, climb immediately. Just give us a minute. We do not want another thing, he said.

Kimmel inevitably referred to the "unsuccessful" mistake that led Lawrence to point Akmeni, who seemed to be inclined to laugh. This moment turned out to be another cornerstone of Lawrence and Stone's epic friendship, and the Internet was fully in agreement.

Lawrence presented with Oscar the best actress, along with Jodie Foster. Stone spoke in her best director's statement, when she said: this year, these four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces.

Jennifer Lawrence, the world's top-paying actress, is Real Estate Removal

Jennifer Lawrence, who has recently crowned the world's largest paid actress for the second year in a row, is still working on playing his real estate.

Star Hunger Games, which, according to Forbes, has calculated $ 46 million before fees and fees, from June 1, 2016, recently sold their starter apartment in Santa Monica, Calif. Her earnings: less than $ 280,000.

Jennifer-Lawrence, the-world-top-paying-actress, is Real-Estate-Removal

Jennifer Lawrence, Property labeled by Variety as Mrs. Lorenzo sold last month at $ 1.15 million, about a month and a half after Coldwell Banker Andrew Thurm was nominated for $ 1.169 million. Review of the fact that gambling in 2006 bought a two-bedroom, two and a half bathrooms, city building about 879 thousand US dollars, long before her Oscar for her role in the romantic comedy "Silver Linings Playbook" in 2012.

It is not clear when the 26-year-old last lived in a 1,413 square foot corps.

Her current residence seems to be better suited to her growing career. In 2014, the actress paid over $ 7 million for 55050 square feet, a five-bedroom stay in Beverly Hills, where there was a gym, gourmet cuisine and a koi pond.

Now, Mrs Lawrence, in my opinion, is looking for properties in Manhattan. According to the New York Post, she recently traveled to the duplex penthouse Tribeca, which could still become the most expensive real estate for a claimed price of $ 17.49 million.

Jennifer Lawrence, the world's top-paying actress, is Real Estate Removal

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Amazon's New Delivery Program (Shipping) Should Not Hurt FedEx, UPS

Amazon New Delivery Program Shipping Should Not Hurt FedEx UPS

A new project known as "Shipping with Amazon" is reportedly coming back shortlyhowever some analysts do not see it as a giant threat to shippers.

Amazon appearance to be moving deeper into the shipping world.

The online distributer plans to launch a program known as "Shipping with Amazon" in la during a few weeks, during which the corporate can devour and ship packages to customers, per a report from The Wall Street Journal. The service, which is able to expand to additional cities as shortly as this year, would begin with third-party sellers on Amazon however may eventually hospitable different businesses, the report aforesaid.

The program appears to mesh with Amazon's efforts to make up its own shipping infrastructure thus it will handle the growing mountains of packages it has to deliver. Last year, quite five billion things shipped with its Prime program worldwide, the corporate has aforesaid. Amazon has endowed during a new air payload hub in KYforty Prime Air payload planes and four,000 truck trailers. It additionally runs its own on-demand native delivery service known as Amazon Flex. long run, Amazon is among some of firms together with UPS and DHL that ar developing delivery drones.

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Amazon started investment in these resources once the 2013 seasononce a number of its packages were delivered late by its shipping partners. that employment ought to facilitate guarantee customers packages can arrive on time additional typically.

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"We're perpetually innovating and experimenting on behalf of shoppers and therefore the businesses that sell and grow on Amazon to make quicker lower-cost delivery decisions," associate degree Amazon voice aforesaid Fridaywhile not confirming whether or not Shipping with Amazon was within the works.
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But, even with those growing investments, there is sturdy reason to believe Amazon can have to be compelled to place confidence in UPS, FedEx and therefore the for several years to return. Amazon would want to considerably amp up its investment in shipping to match those different organizations, many analysts aforesaid.

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"Amazon leases forty planes, FedEx has 659 -- there's no comparison," Anthony Chukumba, associate degree analyst at Loop Capital Markets, told The Washington Post on Friday.

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Cowen associate degreealyst Helane Becker wrote in an capitalist note Friday that worries regarding Amazon's push into the shipping world were "somewhat overblown," voice communication the advanced delivery networks of FedEx and UPS were "highly tough to copy." She aforesaid Amazon takes up regarding three p.c of FedEx's total revenue and regarding ten p.c of UPS' revenue.
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For their half, UPS and FedEx on Friday offered confidence in their own businesses.

Patrick Fitzgerald, a senior vice chairman at FedEx, aforesaid the Journal's headline -- "Amazon to Launch Delivery Service that will compete With FedEx, UPS" -- "lacked a basic understanding of the complete scale of the world transportation business."

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A UPS spokesperson aforesaid his company "continues to support Amazon" and declined to treat Amazon's business plans.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mark Salling died in an apparent suicide a month before he was executed in a child porn case

Mark Salling
Jason Kempin/Getty

Mark Salling died in an apparent suicide a month before he was executed in a child porn case

Mark Salling died in apparent weeks of suicide before being incarcerated for child pornography. He was 35 years old.

"I can confirm that Marcel Salling passed early this morning, Mark was a gentle and loving person, a man with great creativity who did his best to free himself from serious mistakes and mistakes in judgment," Michael Proctor, his attorney, told people. "He survived his mother and father and his brother. The salling family appreciates the support they have received and demands their privacy."

LAPD PIO told People that officials responded to the death investigation at 11,900 Great Tujang Cyn Road Blocks on Tuesday morning at. 8:50 but could not identify Salling.

The Glee star was found guilty of keeping child pornography related to inaccurate weight on October 4, 2007. After he sued in December, he was convicted in March and is expected to sentenced him to four to seven years in prison.

"Art is geared towards taking responsibility and trying to free up your actions," Salling's lawyer, Michael Proctor, said during the PEOPLE statement.

Federal investigators say they found over 25,000 pictures and 600 videos featuring child pornography on computers and thumb drives owned by Salling. According to court documents, children below the age of 3 are depicted as being abusive.

Salling had to register as a sex offender and go to the treatment program; there is no verbal or electronic contact with someone under the age of 18; stay 100 meters from schools, parks, public swimming pools, youth centers, playgrounds and passions; and according to documents, each victim receives a reward of US $ 50,000.

Salling was arrested in December 2015 when the investigators said that the laptop, hard disk and USB flash memory used in his home contains thousands of images and videos that portray child pornography. (His former girlfriend called police as court documents.) In May 2016, he was named with a two-digit allegations stating that he received pornography involving young girls. But the trial was postponed in June when he was seeking a new legal representation.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Salling played Joki Noah's "Puck" Puckerman for hit Fox show Glee from 2009 to 15. His other credits include hospitality Walker, Texas Ranger in 1999 and TV Movie Rocky Road 2014.

(Mark Salling died in an apparent suicide a month before he was executed in a child porn case)