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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Know About How To Pitch To Brands & Make Money Blogging & On Instagram?

Do You Know that How can you brands and make money with blogging and on Instagram?

Maybe you have thought of yourself as people making money on Instagram or how bloggers generate so much revenue through their blogs? What are the major techniques that professional content creators use to pitch to brands? Well, these questions may have worried you earlier, but not more. The following tips will guide you to become the pro in cooperating with brands and earning money through blogging and Instagram:

Make Money; Blogging; Instagram
Know About How To Pitch To Brands & Make Money Blogging & On Instagram?

Pitching to Brands

Many people think that having a lot of page and video views, whether a certain number of followers or subscribers can let them work with PR companies. Well, that is certainly not the case. There are thousands of blogs, Insta-Bloggers and YouTube channels out there, and PR companies do not have time to contact each of them. Here are the things you need to consider regarding pitching to brands:

You must publish the content regularly for a minimum of six months. It shows that you are a good content maker and the product that they will send you will be marketed in a professional manner.

The most difficult approach when approaching the brands or PR companies is to find the right contacts to approach. Every company calls influencers and content creators for different purposes. This industry is, and there are currently not many positioning standards for the position determined. If you want to find suitable brands to work with, find them on ZoomInfo, Google Searches, LinkedIn, etc. If you know the company name, use it.

If you want, you can first contact brands by phone. Their index may be overflowing with tons of messages or e-mails. Fast conversations on the phone are much better compared to e-mails.

Make a mediakit about what you can do to promote the company's products or services. Make sure you thoroughly research the company, such as what kind of products they have made and how many influencers they have worked with in the past.

Earn money through blogging

Here are a few things you should consider when you want to know how to blog with money:

Set up the blog that is linked to a specific niche.

Start by creating and placing useful content.

Promote your blog on other social media accounts and find the right readers.

Make sure you can contact your audience in the Comments section by answering one of their questions.

You can start earning money by the number of readers you have gained or by the variety of other revenue streams, such as placing advertisements, and so on.

Earn money via Instagram

Instagram is usually used for sharing photos or videos. The main function to get the fascinating audience here is via hashtags, which are trending or popular. So how do influencers influence money? Well, here is your answer:

The first way is to create sponsored messages on behalf of the brand. You need to have a significant amount of followers to ensure that the brands find your reliable and best choice for them.

You can do affiliate marketing by sharing your affiliate link on your Insta profile and making a report about it. You can even create Insta Story and add your affiliate link to it. The only thing is, to get the attribute of the attachment from the story link, you should have the considerable amount of followers.

Another way is to promote your online store or other companies by using hashtags in the mail. Paid promotion is another way to see if you have the huge amount of followers.

These are the simple tricks that you can use to make money on Instagram and blogging. And if you worry about pitching to brands, you do not have to worry anymore. By following the above steps, you will succeed in your task.


Know About How To Pitch To Brands & Make Money Blogging & On Instagram?

Friday, March 2, 2018

10 Best High Paying Surveys in Cash Sites

High Paying Surveys Sites

High Paying Surveys Sites, Opinion. Everyone has them. Maybe you've been told to stay with yourself or that they are not worth much. Well, I did not tell you! In fact, I'm here to tell you that your opinions are not only worth anything, they are worth the money!

That's correct. You have a free resource that you did not even make a profit. We will change it - read further ten companies that will pay for your opinion!

High Paying Surveys Sites

1. Mintvine
Mintvine is a popular market research site, and signing up is as easy as logging in to your Facebook account. (You can also sign up with an email if you wish.) Once you register and complete the request for basic information (age, gender and postal code), they will give you 200 points to get started! You can withdraw money by earning 1000 points ($ 10) by conducting surveys, referring to new members or using offers from both online and local merchants. (My Local Business Page allows me to earn Mintvine points by going to a local museum or concert, leaving a local spa, and so on.) You can earn 50 points to complete the core profile, 5 points for a daily single question survey and a variable number depending on the polls. which you have completed. You can choose to redeem your points with a Paypal payment, a Dwolla account or a gift card for various large retailers - including AMC, TGI Friday's, Barnes & Noble and more.

2. Pinecone Research
Pinecone Research is a Nielsen Consumer Awareness Study site where you can join to receive surveys and maybe even affect what products are marketed. Because it's Nielsen, you have to be invited - they sometimes create banners on different sites, recruiting new members, and I've read that you can invite an attendee. Once you have found, you can complete the surveys and review the products for points. As reported, you earn 300 points in one survey, which is about $ 3. When you reach the $ 3 threshold, you can request a payment or a check PayPal. You can also exchange points for gift cards from various retailers, such as Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, etc. Register here.

3. Darwin data
Darwin's data provides online surveys that focus specifically on legal disputes. To join, you must register on their site and request an invitation. Surveys are still focused on your demographic, and each poll earns you $ 25. After you've been invited to join, they will also give you $ 10 only to fill out your profile. You never have to wait to claim your money either: after completing the survey, they will send your $ 25 within 3 days. Payment is made using Tango cards, which can be traded on gift cards from different retailers on the Tango Card.

4. PaidViewpoint
PaidViewpoint runs AYTM, and is InstantCashSweetpstakes (which has been running for almost a decade and only closed this year). They are proud to never show participants when they are invited and also do not need personally identifiable information: they say they will never ask them to show their real name or postal address. The rewards of each survey are varied and you can make a small prize every day. "Trait Surveys" is how PaidViewpoint forms your demographic profile. By increasing your TraitScore with them, you will attract more surveys and increase your revenue. They limit how many poll participants can complete each month and they do not spend until you reach $ 15. Payments are made using PayPal.

5. User testing
User testing means that you need to test sites or apps and then give your thoughts on the experience. As long as you complete the requested set of actions on a targeted site or app, UserTesting registers the mouse movement and your voice when you describe what you are doing. And then you get paid! They pay $ 10 a test, with an average of 10 to 20 minutes to complete. You will be paid by Paypal.

6. Survey
SurveySavvy is part of Luth Research, and it seems that the site has been around since 1999. Once you join and create a profile with them, they will use your demographic information to send you surveys from your clients. When you apply for a survey and finish it, they will credit you with money! Each survey is worth a different amount, and user feedback indicates that these amounts range from $ 1 to $ 15. Before you request a payout, you need to accumulate $ 1 in your account. They will send you a check.

7. GlobalTestMarket
GlobalTestMarket manages Lightspeed Online Research and has been strong for almost 20 years. This means that competition is fierce - and user feedback suggests that it's difficult to qualify for surveys. However, GlobalTestMarket is rated for quality reviews and reliability of payments. It may take some time to earn the required balance to get the money. They will pay when you reach a minimum of $ 50, and they will also launch lotteries for their members - now you can buy a $ 2,000 prize! The survey is paid either with a selected gift card or with Paypal.

8. Swagbucks
Swagbucks is an incredibly durable poll section for their website that allows you to turn your views on SB points - which you can then redeem from PayPal cash or gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others. You can find these surveys in the "Answer" section of their sidebar and they can ask you to confirm your name and address before you can participate. They will also inform you in advance about how long the survey should be taken and how many points you will earn after completing it. You can sell your points for gift cards from 85 points and they offer maps from all major retailers, including Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, and even Steam. You can also choose Paypal payments. Sign up here.

9. QuickRewards
The QuickRewards network is another site, such as Swagbucks, which allows you to earn points by doing activities that involve surveys! They have been around for over 15 years and do not need a minimum balance before you spend money. User surveys show that there is always a large number of surveys as well as daily incentives. Like other sites of this type, you can market your accumulated points either for gift cards from various retailers, including Disney and Olive Garden or as a Paypal payment. Their withdrawal is usually 72 hours or less.

10. PrizeRebel
PrizeRebel specializes in online surveys and seems to be a responsive, attentive company. They even have a banner that offers backstage and guidelines to increase your revenue. They also offer the widest range of payment options - from retailers like Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, etc., you can receive bank transfer, Paypal payment, bitcoins or gift cards. Their minimum balance requirement is the US $ 5 and they issue a remuneration within 24 hours upon request. No wonder they have more than 6 million members!

Someone! Are you glad that you now have or what are your views? Let me give you to me: the opportunity to make money surveys is not one to forget. Just remember that providing personal information when you take part in many of these programs will never disclose more information than you can afford. All this type of study aims to move more effectively into your demographic situation. With that in mind, go ahead and let your opinions fly! Waiting for cash discounts.

High Paying Surveys Sites

How to Sell Digital Products on Etsy

Sell Digital Products on Etsy

In a recent Etsy affiliate, Sell Digital Products on Etsy, I tell you that I often make purchases on Etsy, but there may not be any kind of product you are thinking of. I do not know that I've ever bought a handmade or vintage site. Instead, I buy digital downloads such as offline marketing materials, logo design, blogging, and worksheet templates.

There is a large part of Etsy vendors who make money from virtual products. Today, we're talking to Shauna Huston about selling digital downloads for Etsy. She completes her income by offering customized resume writing services on this site.

Sell Digital Products on Etsy

What was your motivation to join Etsy?

My motivation to offer career counseling services was first, and this motivation arose from me when I saw the problem with skilled people who could not work on the ground and knowing that I had the experience and knowledge to help. My motivation to join Etsi came because I have heard many success stories from Etsy, but none of them came from digital services. I decided that I want to use Etsi to become a success story different from the typical hand-crafted actions people think about when they hear Etsi.

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What benefits does Etsy offer to digital vendors over other platforms?

Etsy does not promote the use of other platforms on its website because they make money from every sale made using Etsy. I have discovered many benefits with Etsy, such as Etsy Teams, which allows you to join groups with other vendors, post discussions disks and advertise your own items. Etsy vendors have proven to be team members, not competition because they have promoted my items without my encouragement, which has contributed to sales and exposure.

How does payment work?

Etsy retains 3% of each sale. At first, I signed up with PayPal, but PayPal takes another 3%. I stopped using PayPal and added my Etsy page directly to my bank account. Now I receive an order, and the money is in my bank account in a few days.

What tips do you have for those who want to do a similar route for sale?

My biggest advice is customer service. If the potential customer will contact the seller for the provision of services, the seller must take no more than 24 hours to respond, and as soon as possible. Once every hour, I respond to my customers, and usually in a few minutes. I was continuously grateful for my quick answers.

Another tip is to use ads! The seller will pay for a click and turn around will be worth it.

Another tip is pricing everything right. The biggest price error is too low, people will assume that services are not worth it and switch to seemingly better quality services.

Sell Digital Products on Etsy

Best Ways to Make Money on Etsy

Best Ways to Make Money on Etsy

Make Money on Etsy, When it comes to the main ways of earning money for Etsy, we know that the market is an online buyer's dream, especially for those who like vintage or handmade.

But not only is it perfect for shoppers, it's also great for craftsmen and makers. You can find digital downloads, handmade goods and even craft supplies on the big online market.

If you find yourself hand-crafted, you could be great for selling to Etsy! Whether you want to create numbers, make home-made products by hand or simply deliver materials to others to make your trickery, you have a place to get to Etsy.

Make Money on Etsy

Best Ways to Make Money on Etsy

From handmade to digital vintage to deliveries, you can find tons of crafts and creative companies at Etsy. I personally bought everything, from felt scraps to (digital) invitation designs to artwork. There are four very large categories of cases that sell Etsy:

Hand tools - things like dolls' clothes, work of art, toys, blankets, jewelry, knitted scarves, soaps and even dishes, such as sweets
Digital products - invitations, photo collages, custom posters, albums, layouts and printable planners
Vintage items - clothing, footwear, toys, accessories and small items such as buttons and jewelry
Raw materials - yarn, cloth, wooden rings, rhinestones, sequins, candy shapes, pearls, cords, patterns and stencils, paper with tissue paper
Whether you use custom portraits, pet litter, soft ice biscuits, garden stones, embroideries or business card designs, you can make money on Etsy.

Digital products are a great option

Etsy has a reputation for handcrafted items and handicrafts, but one of the less well-known markets is digital goods. Custom signs and posters are one thing that people will gather at Etsy and will be there, but there are a lot of other digital products on the market as well. If you're already making money on graphic design on websites like Fiverr and Upwork, Etsy could be your next place to find a job!

Make Money on EtsyOne of the benefits of Etsy in the field of graphic design is that you can set your own bids. At the same time, one of the disadvantages is that your audience may not be as big as not many people think of Etsy as a place for business card design or printable dining planners.

This might be a disadvantage if you do not want to concentrate a lot of effort to sell your Etsy store, but it also means that you have plenty of space for you to move and get great traction.

How to get started

The first thing you need to do when you think about selling Etsy is to find out if your idea is to market (and how strong it will be). For example, if you are, for example, going to an expensive store and selling a property, it's probably best to apply vintage items and resells supplies.

If resale does not interest you, but you spend a lot of time, these baby clothes or knitting cloths, you might want to explore the sale of your goods.

Whatever you are interested in selling on Etsy, go to the website and search for this item. You'll see both regular and affiliate related ads in your search results. Both of them will give you a good idea of ​​what is being sold (or at least that is available!). You may even want to look at some of the feedback that people have left on their futures rivals so you can think about what you can do differently or even better.

Make Money on EtsyWhile in research mode, check out some stores that might become your competitors. Click on a few different stores. (To find a store, go to one of the list pages and click the store name in the upper left corner.) When you are in the store, you can see the total sales volume of the stores, as well as how long it has been open.

When you're ready, create your own store and start selling it! Make sure your keyword lists are defined in your lists and item names, as well as some parameters that might lead to potential customers. Creating an Etsy List is a fairly simple process, but there are plenty of online tutorials that will help you with technical aspects.

One thing you have to do for Etsy

Setting up your store is a critical part of the process - after all, you can not sell something if you do not already have one. But once you've got your items and your keywords nibbed down, you need to focus on great photography.

The better your camera, the better your photos, the more likely your sales will be. Even if you make the best oat and lavender soap on this Mississippi, you will find it hard to sell it if your photos are not good.

Make Money on Etsy | You do not need to buy a million dollar camera and photography course. One of the best things you can do is study by example. Take into account the types of images you see in your Etsy competitor's stores to see what you like and dislike. Read some online photography tutorials to find out the basics of lighting and composition. With just a little research and a bit of practice, you can get great photo listings even with a smartphone camera.

Final Thoughts on Making Money on Etsy

Etsy is a great place for you if you are a maker if you have an eye on a vintage or if you know where to find great handicraft supplies that you can sell for profit. The market for digital products is growing, and Etsy could be another useful place to try to sell its graphic design services. Etsy has a lot of competition, but it also means that there are many potential customers. Learn more about setting up an Etsy store here.

Best Ways to Make Money on Etsy

Best Tips to Enjoy Life on ebay

Some Tips to Make Life On eBay

Best Tips, My solution was eBay. I could make a life on eBay, take advantage of sailing when I wanted it, and I still keep it every two children. It was the best of both worlds. Although I have been selling eBay for 15 years, I have created a very successful, stable income for myself and my children one and a half year. There was no teacher who told me what I should do or not do. It was a trial and a mistake. After all, the best secrets of making a living on eBay is the secret?

Not today, my friends. Not today!

Here are 7 tips for making a living on eBay, you will never hear from anyone else ...

Best Tips to Enjoy Life on ebay

1) Start selling independently
When you first start using eBay, you just want to sell everything you have in the house. You are surprised at what's going on for good money on eBay, especially if you stop sharing. Suppose your vacuum just broke and you replaced it with a new one. You can literally make the same amount of money by selling these parts from your old vacuum than your NEW VACUUM COST! No jokes at all! You may not have the money to go out and buy a new vacuum, so they will buy parts from eBay, which saves money. They are happy. You are happy, because together some parts, they just bought you a new vacuum!

Learn how to become Powerhouse on eBay using this A-Z instruction

2) Watch your fees
Delivery costs these days can damage your business. It usually costs around $ 10- $ 20 to send something to the box, depending on what it is. The fact that you thought the snow card was worthless and was really sold for $ 30 when eBay is done with you will only cost you $ 7. It will cost 16% on eBay / Paypal, about $ 10- $ 13 for delivery, and another $ 5 in various supplies.

Here are some solutions:
  • Try to always deliver items that can be placed in the first-class bubble envelope. You have 13 oz to work with. This will save you tons of cash shipping.
  • Make a buyer pay for shipping costs (in any case, you can not claim more than competitors buying a price and delivery price, so you're still limited enough)
  • Buying from home. Use your computer to print labels. You will save about 20% of the retail prices they charge from local USPS. You will need a scale to do this. This is what I use and love ..
  • Get your packaging materials for free. I like to get my bubble wrap and peanut from craigslist. You will be surprised at how many companies in the Freebie section provide good materials for free. I like to save the packaging materials that I receive from purchases. Recycle everything.

3) Open eBay Store
If you want a successful business on eBay, you need a store. Not that goes around. There is so much perks that there is a store, one is that eBay promotes your store on the search engines, so you get a lot more traffic than you do not have. Another swelling is that it automatically gives you confidence. Do you know how many cases are open on eBay using fly-by-the-night scammers?

People want to order from a person who has a great review and who has a store. Customers know that you take it seriously and you have a reputation to protect. This means that if something goes wrong you will stay with them. They feel protected and more secure, so you can literally pay more than your competitors, even 20% more, depending on what you sell. If you have 100% positive reviews with over 50 reviews and stores, I'd say go to 20%. You will receive sales to other users who do not have a store or 100% positive reviews.

4) Find the things dirt cheap sell
If you do not have enough money to work again, check out Craigslist or your local Facebook group at Freebie. You can easily get yard sales balances, stop alerts and free stuff all the time there and sell what is worth the money and give up or throw away what is not. Think it's not worth it? This is how I made my life all the first 6 months after I started eBay. What really went to me was clothes. Sometimes I even sell clothes back to Craigslist, cut by size.

Say that someone has 500 pieces of garments, nothing is split into sizes, you split a lot, sell it in size and get a lot of money. There were times when I even paid $ 15- $ 20 a lot and repaid $ 200. The same thing with eBay. If you have a dummy, you could start selling them in a piece by piece and get a lot more than that. It just depends on how much time you have.

Selling deals is great for finding things, especially books and jeans. I would win and find Lucky Brand jeans over $ 1. Sell ​​on eBay for $ 100. Keep your eyes open and do research. After a while, you'll know exactly what's going on and about. If you keep your mobile phone with you, never let them see something looking for something, and then try to buy the item. You just told them that it is worth doing something, and you never get it for a good deal now.

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5) There are excellent customer service skills
You should definitely have a question available at any time. The main thumb is that you want to answer questions within 1 hour. I know it's harsh, but if you call a business, do you want them to call next week? Do you also want help now? Since I guarantee you, they simply go somewhere else, buy from someone else and you lose sales. Always always be professional and courteous. There are times when you want a bad one.

On the second day, I had a lady who ordered something twice, I contacted him to ask if she wanted to do it, she said no. I said, I canceled the deal. She said nevermind, I just bought two. I ship two, now she says she received only one, although USPS claims to have shipped it. Always get tracking. 🙂 Sometimes you will only be customers who have nothing to do with making troubles and dreams for everyone else. This is part of the job. You must be polite. Just know that you are protected in such cases, and this is just a matter of time before eBay makes a decision in your favor, but if you are rude and meaningful, customers can slap you into a persecution case. If you are found guilty, you can disable it. Even small slow notes are considered harassing, so always practice fantastic customer service skills.

6) Selling strange things
The more power the beep, the more weird or rarely it is, the better it will be sold. This is exactly the opposite if you are selling Amazon. With eBay, the less common goods are, the more money you get, the sooner it will be sold, and the more bidders will bid. When it comes to bidding, I will never bid on auctions. I bought-it-now with the payment that is needed now. Simply save yourself thousands of unpaid bidders who spend their time and set your merchandise to buy now. You can do the best deal, but in my opinion it is a time outfit. I have always received only super-low offers, such as 10% of what I'm asking for, and those who want to ask for less do not need the best deal to do it, but they'll send you all by email.

Find out how to find cool things to sell

7) Find your niche
After the sale, you start to find your groove. You start to find out what people want to buy, what they like, what you sell well and just sell it. What do you like? What are you most knowledgeable? You want to sell this type of thing. For me, this is the smallest pet stores. They produce more than 3,000 different pets and are considered collectible items, because you can not simply go and buy what you want in stores. Children and parents similarly disperse them, and there is the entire underground world of the LPS. Another great thing to sell on eBay, which is highly sought after and profitable, is Lalaloopsy. The Lalaloopsy is quite new so that they can disappear in time, but LPS has been selling since 1990, and I could also add it. You can check out my full guide to Littlest Pet Stores here.

I hope I've inspired you to start selling eBay and see the huge potential for fantastic living on eBay. It will take some time for you to find out that you are constantly selling. In my store I had more than 600 LPS ads and more than 5000 LPS items when I sell them all the time. You want a large selection if you want a steady sale that's enough to make a great survival from eBay, but most people do not need it.

You can find more information on how to make a living on eBay as well as other sources on how to stay home on my blog. I am fortunate that I am the only mother who stays at home, and I want it best for you as well as in your endeavors to work at home. In our economy and in the way things are going, it will become more and more possible after years. There are so many things you can do to work from home and earn legal money to help your family. eBay is just one way.

Make Money Online Ways at Home

Make Money Online Ways at Home

Make Money Online Ways at Home the world around, and that's what you always want to be more. Regardless of whether you are trying to pay bills, you want to save something special or you just want extra money, you do not have to go and try to find another job out of the house to earn more. We live in the Internet and in the computerized community, which means there is more money than ever to earn money online and from home. Working at home at work is no longer just customer service.

Make Money Online

1. Selling eBay
eBay is the most popular global auction site, and it's a great place to sell items that you no longer want. If you are looking to earn extra money, start by looking at your home for things you do not want anymore; list them on ebay and watch how customers price them. You can also buy sales items and save your store finds and make a few dollars profit by listing them as well. EBay's key to selling is to research and find out what hot items are. Make Money Online

2. Get Crafty
Craft markets have emerged over the internet over the last few years and offer a place where you can sell your valuable work to those who value handcrafts. Etsy is the most popular outlet. On this site, you can create your own web store and list handmade, vintage items and craft supplies. There are many other places on the web that take care of all kinds of art and crafts. You can earn extra money by enjoying your favorite hobbies.

3. Product inspection
Some of the best things in life are free, and market researchers like to distribute new products in exchange for consumer feedback. If you want to try new products and you can try them for free, do some research and find market research companies that offer the products you want to try. You can join campaigns and send you products or coupons to check them out and provide feedback. Usually you will need to fill in surveys and submit written reports based on your opinion. You will get to save products, and sometimes even send you a cash gift thanks to the job offer. 

Legit Options:

  • MyOpinionNow
  • SheSpeaks
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Nielsen HomeScan
  • Toluna
  • YouGov
  • Global Test Market
  • Ipsos i-Say
4. Surveys
Make Money OnlineCompleting paid surveys is one of the most popular ways to earn extra money online. All sites have nothing but surveys that you can register and connect with the polls that best fit your profile. You will receive payment according to the rules listed at the beginning of the survey and you will be able to replenish your money with your wallet. When conducting surveys, it's important to be honest and take them seriously, because you can ban a site that researchers find that you have not made any effort in your responses.

Legit Options:

5. Video clips
Videos are everywhere on the Internet, and some home pages work so you can get paid for watching them. Video creators receive rewards for every hit their videos receive online. Those who are new to the company will often try to increase their views by sharing a small profit with those who are registered to watch videos for a fee. You will earn a few cents for each video you watch, and you will be able to return to the couch.

Find out more:

Get paid to watch the video

6. Freelance Writing
Make Money OnlineThe world is becoming a better place for people to learn new things, and if you are a good writer, you can use your skills to use and help educate the world. If you like to write, consider being a freelance writer. Freelance writers are always needed on blog posts, magazines, websites, and elsewhere. Business owners often want to pay a good price for a well-written article that they can use, and as a result you will receive fast cash. There are several different ways you can embark on a freelance writing career. You can register for writing articles on a website, explore writing worksheets or contact the publication by yourself and justify your ideas. Heaven is the limit to how much you can earn.

7. Create your own site
If you've ever dreamed about building your stamp in the world and learning how to use computer skills, create your own site and start making money. You can create a blog and sell an ad space, as well as sites where you can sell your products and services. There is no limit to how much money you can make with your website. Find the niche that interests you and explore the benefits.

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