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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Looking for Pakistani Man | Pakistani Man for Friendship or Marriage

Looking for Pakistani Man | Pakistani Man for Friendship or Marriage

Are you looking for Pakistani Man for friendship or Marriage? So Here is Profile about appropriate Pakistani Person. He is looking job outside from Pakistan and he needs Job, Visa and Accommodation. Actually he wants to settle outside from Pakistan but due to facing financial issues he is looking for sponsorship by the companies or people who can sponsor him.

Looking for Pakistani Man; Pakistani Man for Friendship or Marriage
Looking for Pakistani Man | Pakistani Man for Friendship or Marriage


Name: Ask on email

Living: Karachi, Pakistan

Age: 31

Religious: Muslim (Islam)

Ethic: Asian (Pakistani)

Body: Average

Pic:  Ask on email

Marital Status: Single

Drinks: Never

Smocking: Never

About Person:

The person's Qualification is Masters and he is looking job outside from Pakistan. He is honest, delighted, self motivated, Loving and Caring, Hardworking, Efficient, etc.... He wants to move in other Country for Career.

Looking Women:

He is looking women who must be honest, non drinker, non smoker, loving and caring. He is looking for long-term relationship for ever.

Note: If you can find or make job or sponsorship for him with visa and accommodation, So you can contact him on given email address below.

Contact to Person:

Only serious women contact :


Looking for Pakistani Man | Pakistani Man for Friendship or Marriage

Sunday, September 9, 2018

How to Make a Sad Friend or a Person Happy

How to Make a Sad Friend or a Person Happy


The most important thing is that you can share it. There is a special feeling when you make someone happy; it is not how much you have, but how much you enjoy sharing the happiness you feel inside. Imagine the world how beautiful it would be if everyone could spend more time sharing their happiness. It is a small act of kindness that does not take much effort to make someone happy. If you share your happiness and really care for someone you cherish the most, you become a better person. By making other people happier, you create a happier life for yourself.

The best thing you can do for a sad friend is listening and supporting him or her. Help her see things from a different perspective and encourage her to cheer up and be happy, because life is beautiful and there is so much more to laugh about. Here are some suggestions to make a sad friend or a person happy.


1. Smile

Did you know that the easiest and most effective way to make someone happy is to first smile at them? Sharing your smile is a sign of friendship and peace. It gives a positive appearance that makes people around you happy and comfortable. Your smile makes life more colorful and more beautiful. So if you have a smile, give it to people who value you the most.

2. Be a good listener

Another easy way to make someone feel valued when they feel down is simply to hear from him. Sometimes that's all they need to get out of a negative headspace. Trying to understand their thoughts even when you are not in their shoes shows genuine interest and gratitude for their own feelings.

3. Spend quality time

Besides showing that you care about them, you show how much you enjoy their business. Offering your time and effort is one of the greatest things you can do to your broken hearted friends. During their depression, they need someone who is there to cheer them up. You can go on date together, watch your favorite movie or go on an adventure, this helps a sad friend to stay out of focus by things that continue to bother her.

4. Let them feel appreciated

Giving compliments is a good way to make someone happy. There are many positive things you can say to them, for example, by just saying "you look good today", "I love your dress" or "you have a beautiful hair", a person can feel appreciated. A sincere compliment to a person who feels depressed could ease their bleak days.

5. Show some encouragement

The world is sometimes a daunting place, but if you encourage someone who is in a negative situation, this may reduce the burden your friend is carrying. So be that someone who will raise her instead of pulling her down is someone who will shower her with positive feelings instead of showing her the opposite.


6. Tell a joke or share something funny

Share funny videos or tell stupid jokes that will surely make them laugh and forget their sadness. Laughter is the best medicine for people who have pain. A good mood illuminates all their struggles in life. It is now the universal way to raise our heads and to say that everything is going well.

7. Speak friendly words

It is a very simple exercise if you do your best to speak in a friendly way with people around you. A typical example would be, by saying "Everything is fine", "Thank you" or "You can do it". Friendly words do not cost much, but they do well.

8. Send gifts

Have you ever tried to give flowers or give simple gifts, even if there are no special occasions? Surprising someone without a particular reason will brighten up his or her day. It will help people smile in a fantastic way, despite all the problems they face in life.


9. Say that I love you

It is not shameful to show affection to the person you love, such as your family, friends or someone special. It is important to remind them how much you love them every day, especially in times when they feel sad and unappreciated. A simple "I love you" will alleviate the pain and sadness they feel.

10. Call or SMS to check them
Most of us tend to call and text people only when we need something. Sometimes, however, it feels good to receive a text message or a phone call from someone special for no special reason, because what we need for happiness is simply a good conversation. If you look at them, they will feel valued, cared for and happy because you have taken the time to talk to them, just because you wanted to, not because you need something from them.

11. Help by giving advice

If you have found someone who has problems or struggles in life, simple support is sufficient for them. Try your best to help them, a helping hand is always a saving grace. You will not only feel good about yourself, but you will also feel good that you have just saved someone from his cage in his predicament.

12. Remind them that they are not alone

Despite all the difficulties they face, you must always remind them that you are there to fully support them. Never let them feel that they wake up on their own. Tell them to be friendly to themselves and not to compare themselves with other people whom they perceive are happier and better than they are.

Living in this large and complicated world is indeed a blood-curdling way to go down. With the support of people around us, everything becomes lighter and easier. If you want a lifetime of happiness, try to help someone else. Share your happiness and spread the positive vibes around you. It is not about what you have, but about doing something that makes you happy.

How to Make a Sad Friend or a Person Happy