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investment synonym

investment synonym

investment synonymasset, contribution, expenditure, expense, finance, financing, grant, loan, money, property, purchase, stake, transaction, venture, advance, ante, backing, bail, endowment, flutter, hunch, inside, interests, investing, piece, plunge, spec, speculation, stab, smart money, vested interests
investment synonym

Noun: These words use of an action or process of investing money for profit - investment synonym

Capital, funding, backing, investing, contribution, resources, sponsorship, subsidy, support, transaction, financial, backing, venture, capital, investment, financial-support, financing-outlay, endowment, finance, funds, grant, underwriting, furtherance, guaranty, guardianship, protection, benefaction, espousal, recommendation, advance, cash, deal, expenditure, security, loan, money, vested, interests, bail, patronage, aegis, aid, assistance, auspice, egis, help, promotion, championship, encouragement, advocacy, philanthropy, auspices.

e.g:  two or more young business persons are seeking a substantial investment in business that will help grow their business.”

Noun: These words use that which has been invested

investment synonym: Money, invested, financial, interest, venture, capital, spending, investment, smart, buying, shares, stake, interest, share, stock, ante, portion, concern, expense, finance, involvement, purchase, savings, piece, property

e.g: The investor do investment put in by the company or business into their new venture amounts to several million.”

Noun: These words use act of speculating in a (usually high-risk) venture in business

Speculation, gamble, bet, punt, flutter, venture, wager, plunge, risk, stab, hunch, crapshoot, flier, flyer spec, adventure, throw, leap, enterprise, project, undertaking, scheme, campaign, operation, pursuit, business-affair, expedition, exploit, mission, quest, feat, proposition, shot, trial, attempt, caper, activity, crusade, effort, engagement, escapade, deal, deed, essay, experience, experiment, exploration, hazard, measure, move, proceeding, setup, stake, task, act, chance, course, fling, jeopardy, peril, plan, play, process, romp, throw, voyage, charge, stunt, test, thing, business, enterprise, gambling, backing, piece, right, money, risky, business-risky, venture, smart, money, speculative, enterprise, action, exercise, concern, interest, outfit, proposal, conception, idea, purpose, suggestion, wheeze, ballgame, cause, performance, striving, trade, work, plan-of-action, idea, follow, through.

e.g:  An investment in the mining start-up did not quite go as planned.

Noun: These words use for something that is worth acquiring for its potential benefits in business

Asset, acquisition, deal, acquirement, bonus, boon, buy, gain, good, deal, perk, plus, resource, venture, addition, advantage, benefit, blessing, perquisite, steal, value, aid, bargain, godsend, treasure, accretion, gratuity, help, holding, possession, procuration, upside, good, feather, in, saving, grace, property, goods, order, shopping, booty, merchandise, accession, obtainment, achievement, learning, pursuit, recovery, redemption, retrieval, salvage.

investment synonym: e.g: A set of tools which is a worthwhile investment in business for any tradesperson.

Noun: These words use for act of devoting time, effort, resources, or energy to a particular undertaking in business

Sacrifice, relinquishment, surrender, surrendering, yielding, foregoing, forfeiting, forfeiture, offering, service, devotion, commitment, dedication, sacrificing, deprivation, loss, renouncing, putting in giving up doing without going without yielding up

e.g: They would like to acknowledge the significant investment of time by their numerous volunteers for this cause.

Noun: These words use for rare the process or an instance of being formally placed in an organization

investment synonym: Inauguration, installation, appointment, induction, initiation, institution, coronation, instatement investiture, crowning, inaugural, baptism, enthronement, swearing, in-ordination, admission, investing, accession, beginning, commencement, consecration, debut, enthroning, entrance, inception, indoctrination, preliminaries, swearing-in introduction, admittance, incorporation, enlistment, recruitment, catechesis, instruction, foundation, enactment, division, earnest, episode, part, payment, portion, repayment, section, segment, partial, payment, dedication, launch, ablution, ceremony, dunking, launching, purgation, purge, purification, rite, ritual, sanctification, founding, opening, origination, ceremony, opening, ceremony, fitting, placing, positioning, connection, fixing, furnishing, education, greetings, orientation, reception, selection, attainment, succession.

e.g: The significant investment of the new diocesan bishop was a typically solemn occasion.

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