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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Planning a Reunion? These Five Tips Will Save You Common Sense

Planning a Reunion? These Five Tips Will Save You Common Sense

Common Sense - With all the social media we have today, it's easier than ever to keep old friends away from school. But although today we can see how life is with the old gang, there's really nothing close to a good, old-fashioned reunion to make your lasting friendships feel really special.

Five Tips Will Save You Common Sense

Depending on the kind of friends you had, it could mean a number of things. Maybe you and the boys all wanted to gossip about each other and have a little fun at each other's expense. Why not come together and laugh a few times at turning off the waistlines and receding hairlines? Maybe you and your girlfriends have committed themselves to bad relationships, movie nights and sharing your dreams. Why not come together and see how marriages, babies or even extended single people shaped you in adulthood?

Reunions are great, but what nobody will tell you is that they can be one of the biggest nightmares in the world to plan. Depending on the type of meeting you are planning and the number of people you are trying to beat in one place, you are talking about plans that must start months in advance.

Before you go too far in the entire reunion process, keep these five tips in mind so that you don't lose your marbles:

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Set up data as early as possible

This is where you and your planning committee should really hear the news about the event and discover which data can work for everyone. It is important to realize that you will not satisfy everyone because everyone's schedules will not be in line. In addition, your group may have to specify a specific date because the locations you are viewing may have limited availability.

Complete the number of participants

Set deadlines for answers from potential participants. You need to know how many people will be part of the event so that you can plan a location, as well as food or accommodations that are part of the event. This, together with setting dates, is probably your most difficult task.

Delegate Tasks

Notice what we have called the word "committee"? It takes more than one person to really plan a reunion. Certainly a little one with a small group of friends may be fine, but if you are looking for a graduation class or a family celebration, delegating tasks is very important to maintain common sense.

Don't be fooled by activities 

Although you may want to offer a number of activities for your group, it is also nice to just sit back and linger, especially if a lot of time has passed since the last touch. Try reconnecting via a laser tag is not easy.

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Find the right location

although perhaps a little low on the priority list for some, finding the right place to host your reunion is important because you know it can handle everything. If you work with a location that is also a hotel, you will find that they can easily handle A / V matters, catering and hotel reservations. This can be fun for guests traveling at a greater distance.

A reunion is all about reconnecting with people in your past who have made life unforgettable. You want to spend more time recreating those connections instead of being completely exhausted by the reunion planning process. By being organized, planning ahead, dividing the workload and finding the perfect place to host, you are assured of a great reunion.

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