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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How You Can Win Your Battle With Weight Loss!

Awesome Tips About How You Can Win Your Battle With Weight Loss!

Weight Loss | There are a lot of reasons why people struggle with weight control, many of which are unconscious. This article explains that it is not just about food! Without recognizing and understanding your opponent, your battle will continue to yield more of the same results. I will help you identify what you are dealing with; as well as a number of reasons that stop you. Tools to release obstacles that are in your way are given. You are more encouraged to give yourself that inner permission to succeed.

Weight Loss
How You Can Win Your Battle With Weight Loss
Let's take a good look at a struggle that occurs time and time again in our lives - lose weight. Think of the many industries that deal with weight loss, such as diets, weight loss supplements, training programs, health clubs etc. Etc. Those industries are mostly successful and continue to expand because they promise people that they will lose weight when we buy and use their products. People sometimes lose the five, ten or fifty pounds only to get it back often to lose it again and again. So what really happens here?

To give you an example: a client arrives for psychotherapy to ask for help to lose weight or to manage and manage the "yo-yo syndrome" of losses. The client is often well informed about nutrition, the latest headlines of the diet and is busy following a prescribed way to adapt to a program with which he or she had problems. The deep fears / problems around the real reasons that weight control is so difficult have not been tackled and what is presented is really a smokescreen for deeper problems, consciously or unconsciously, that run the show.

Weight Loss | What I have seen in my practice is that people spend an enormous amount of energy on self-control, self-will and perseverance. It can be superficial, but it is only a short-term solution. Although our culture seems to appreciate the will power or the 'bony' approach, it does not help to break an ingrained habit that it is not effective. Neither is a quick solution, although our culture seems to expect this.

What becomes clear is that we overestimate the powers of the conscious mind and we underestimate the power of the unconscious mind. None of us are happy to hear that our will is not enough to solve the problems and that there are always unconscious factors at work.

We eat for a number of basic reasons that have nothing to do with hunger. What is behind our emotional food? Simply put, emotional eating serves a multitude of goals. Examples are:

Food distracts us from many painful emotions such as sadness, grief, loneliness, shame, helplessness, anger, fear, etc.

Food increases our blood sugar levels, so that many of our emotions, such as depression and anxiety, are at least temporarily temporarily numb.

Certain foods increase the endorphin levels that are similar to the reaction of a medicine and improve mood thinking, such as chocolate or other comfort food. Overloaded people often use food to spread their stress rather than more effective techniques for stress reduction. Food works as a quick solution in the moment to attach itself accumulatively to our hips, bellies and later to add to our stress load. Some foods are associated with 'the good times'.

Weight Loss | There are people who believe that if they carry more weight they are safer in the world, stronger and healthier. Clients told me that they associate weight loss with fragility and dying.

Some people fear the full expression of their sexuality and use the weight to prevent them from facing their fears.

The above examples are small compared to the many ways in which the unconscious can interfere with conscious goals. What to do?

Take some time, relax, go inside and think. What is your storyline that makes you stick around weight problems? What purpose is your preoccupation with weight, diets and nutrition? How do you keep it safe? What does it keep you from doing in your early life? What consequences do you fear? There are always consequences when we change, some good, others do not. Family members may want us to stay as we are, because if we change, they can become anxious. They can even use the ante. Every time I went on a diet, my ex-husband showed up with chocolates.

Weight Loss | One of the first things I do when someone comes to me about weight struggle is to figure out the real culprit. With their permission after a full assessment, clinical hypnosis can be in order. Hypnosis helps me to unconsciously gain access to the client to determine if there is an inner agreement to do the job. If there are other problems, they may need to be addressed first to prevent tampering. Often it only becomes clear which barriers are in the way. Make an appointment for change and go to work. Get to know yourself on a deep level. If you are having problems getting there, you must get professional help. You are worthy of success.

There will be missteps, forgive yourself and start again. Blessings.


How You Can Win Your Battle With Weight Loss

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