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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How to Handle Some Responsibilities Come with Relationships

There are Few Responsibilities Importance with Relationships

Relationships | When you become involved in any relationship, that connection comes with a few responsibilities. In fact, there are many responsibilities in many connections. Problems occur when someone deals with another person with the intention that the interaction is all about them.

Responsibilities Come with Relationships
How to Handle Some Responsibilities Come with Relationships
For example, the guy who decides he wants to switch you off, while it really is his intention to reach a one-night stand. Or the girl who decides that she wants to be friends with you, only to realize what she really wanted, was to come close to the 'popular' group of friends you are dealing with. How offensive would it be to learn that you were used by someone you thought was a nice person? How does that change what you do in your next meeting with someone new?

When dealing with another person, there are some responsibilities that can come with that relationship:

Respect ~ The most important aspect of every relationship is respect for each other. Respectful in the way you talk, treat, engage and in some cases end a relationship. Whether it's doing business or personal, respect can always be present during the process. From a personal point of view, when you are dating, checking someone to determine if they are just a knowledge or a possible relationship, or if you are already in a relationship, you must be respectful. Even when there is a date that got out of hand and a one-night-only arises, there is still room for respect. Deciding not to call or make any attempt to avoid that person is simply not correct. Be mature enough to get up and show that person that they are worthy of your respect and expect the same.

Friendliness ~ As the old saying of Dorothy Parker says: "If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all." Although many may not agree with this statement, you should ask yourself whether you are willing to say enough important to justify any bad feelings. Are you aggressive, combative, or will this person blame you for hurting their feelings?

Certainly, there is always a need for constructive criticism and debate in life, but in more situations than not, there are many of us who can hold our opinions or opinions for ourselves. Just ask yourself, can you walk away from this conversation, feel good about what you said ... and that good feeling comes from being right, helpful and friendly, or because you like a good fight.

Caring ~ When you mess with someone's feelings, you have the choice to show that you care or that you care less. Being able to show empathy or concern for someone else is what makes us human. When you decide that the feelings of another person are not important or meritorious, you make the choice to take the lower road.

Of course there will be times when someone does not deserve your kindness - a one-night stand, an insulting situation, a friend who has two faces - but there is still a choice to make about how you treat yourself. Regardless of someone else's actions, you still have the choice of how you want to tackle the situation. You can take the higher road and stand up for yourself in the process.

For example, you might say that you are sorry that you had to take legal action for a violent relationship, but it was the right thing to do and you hope they get the help they need. You can tell your friend that you did not appreciate how they treated you, but you are certain that they have to have some character problems to deal with and that you want them well. Sounds a bit stubborn, I know, but there is a way to say it, so that you stand up for yourself and at the same time wish them well.

Really ~ If you are always honest and sincere towards yourself and others, then you are sincere. Taking the time to figure out how to convey a less than positive message that needs to be said in a friendly and caring manner can still be achieved if you want to be sincere. No one likes to lie and even the smallest lies can be painful; not to mention, the fact that they may not trust you in the future.

Of course we can tell someone that it looks good when they are worried about their appearance, especially when we know they can not do much about it (baldness, unattractive, deformed), but that is no excuse for those little lies that be painful. and inappropriate. If you know someone who constantly tells you one thing and does another, or you know they give you a rule because you know the truth, then you know what I'm talking about. There is a small difference between being polite and being correct and people know the difference. The most true test of a person's character begins with being a real person.

Rating ~ Showing your appreciation to someone who treats you well is very easy to manage. It is as simple as remembering to say 'thank you', while giving back to that person ... so that you are not one of those people who always takes, but never gives.

The real test to be able to show appreciation is when you are dealing with someone who does not deserve to receive it. How does that work?

You might be grateful for the lesson you have learned. Perhaps you have learned something valuable from that situation that will change your life for the better. In case a one-nighter takes the time to apologize and admit that they were wrong, you could tell them that you are grateful that they have taken the time to tell you the truth about what all is really going on. hand was. On the other hand, there can be absolutely nothing to be appreciative or grateful in your specific situation. It is quite possible that you were treated so badly by this person that no apology justifies your appreciation.

Even if you can not find anything to be thankful for, there are only a few reasons not to be respectful, friendly, caring and sincere ... even if they do not deserve it. It is easy to take the road to pay someone back for their bad intentions, but it requires a person with real character and self-awareness to look beyond those actions, to be proud of integrity and to find the higher ground of goodwill. Be that person.


How to Handle Some Responsibilities Come with Relationships

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