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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

6 Amazing Tips for Creating New Habits and Changing Bad Habits

You Can Create Good New Habits and Change Bad Habits

Sometimes you may want to start a new good habit and it is difficult to do. You want to get out of bed earlier to play sports, you want to iron your clothes while watching television, you want to do homework for your class instead of watching a movie, you want to eat more fruit and vegetables.

6 Amazing Tips for Creating New Habits and Changing Bad Habits
6 Amazing Tips for Creating New Habits and Changing Bad Habits
You have good intentions, but your body just does not do what you want. You have a vision about where you want to go and what you want to do, but doing it is not easy.

On the other hand, all bad habits began innocently enough. They started as things that you have learned or enjoyed doing. Then, in the course of time, as you practiced the practice over and over again, it seemed like they were a natural way to behave.

But these bad habits are not natural. You were not born with them. You have developed them in the course of time and you can replace them with new habits. Here are some awesome tips for getting rid of a bad habit.

Create or Change One Habit at a Time

When you want to create a good habit or change a bad habit, do not try to work more than one at a time. Spend all your time and energy working on that one habit first. Once it is automatic, you can concentrate on creating or changing another habit. You may want to begin with a smaller habit first, and once you have mastered it, you can move on to another habit that is more difficult for you.

Know exactly where you are going and how you can get there

Write down your goals and a start date. Notice step by step what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Make a list of how you will reward yourself for your small wins. Write down what your temptations are to not use a habit you want to create or continue with a bad habit that you want to break and how you will deal with it.

Identify all the obstacles to creating the new habit or changing the bad and exactly what you will do to overcome these obstacles. For example, if you tend to eat too much when you're in a restaurant, how do you deal with it? Will you order less food? Ordering replacements? Ask to put half of the food in a doggy bag before you are served? Write down the strategies you use to ensure that you do not fall back.

Identify all old triggers so you have not created a new habit or you have a bad habit. For example, you can eat junk food if you are stressed from the day at work, when you sit down to watch television or when you have company. Or with a new habit, when your alarm clock goes off in the morning to get you started for training, press the snooze button and roll back to sleep again. Then there is no time for you to exercise before you leave for work.

Then create new triggers for your new behavior. You will eat nutritious food as soon as you return from work. Sunday afternoon for playing games with your family is the time you have reserved to cook healthy food that you can bring to work all week.

Do the same all thing every day or every week. These are your new triggers. Put them in your written plan and be very consistent with them. When these triggers happen, do the habit immediately every time.

Share with others

Tell your dedication to create a new habit or remove a bad habit for your family, friends, colleagues and a related group online and in person. The more people, the better. Make your dedication real for yourself and everyone you know. Make a solemn promise that you will do it.

Ask for their support and ask them to help you when you reach a difficult place. Promise them to text them, call them or contact them online as soon as there is a problem. Put this in your written plan. Keep all these people informed of your progress to be accountable to you.

Communicate with yourself

Remind yourself often of your involvement. Place plates on your desk, fridge and mirror.

Keep a log of everything that is relevant to implement your change every day. Write down what happens every day, what your feelings are and how you will continue to create the new habit or change this bad habit. A log keeps you consistent and helps to make you aware of what you actually do. It helps you stay motivated, especially if you can see your progress every day.

Stay focused on improving

Read more about strategies to be successful, tools with which you can make the changes and overcome possible obstacles. Read the success stories of others to motivate yourself.

Keep your focus on the new habit you want to have or eliminate the bad habit until you no longer need to think about it because you live your new lifestyle. You must be absolutely consistent in your new behavior, thoughts and words until the good habit is common in your daily life or your bad habit is forever past.

Deal positive with relapse

If you fall back, do not give up. Find out what happened, what thoughts went through your mind and what you will do differently next time or think differently. From that moment on, then act consistently to create the new habit. Learn from your failure so that your failure becomes a positive thing that helps you succeed.


Write down one thing that you dream of changing in your life. Then record 3 things that keep you from achieving this dream. Can these obstacles be overcome? Write down exactly how you will solve them. If not, how can you adjust your dream so that at least part of it can be achieved?


6 Amazing Tips for Creating New Habits and Changing Bad Habits

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