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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How to Clean Laptop Screen with Alcohol | Clean Apple Laptop Screen

How to Clean Laptop Screen with Alcohol | Clean Apple Laptop Screen

In general, every smart electronic product needs to be cleaned every day or week, but more for the laptop. Because a laptop screen is very brittle, you do not have to worry more than a normal computer.

How to Clean Laptop Screen with Alcohol; Clean Apple Laptop Screen

Here it comes down to how you clean up the laptop / computer screen, the laptop cover and the keyboard, the touch pad etc. Clearly and cover, how do you ensure that the stain of your laptop is cleaned when it is switched off? Believe me, if you are a do-it-yourselfer? Something in your neighborhood or in your home that you can easily have a cleaning solution and even without damage to your screen.

CAUTION: "Isopropyl is usually a flammable liquid alcohol. Never spray directly on the LCD digitizer. Never stop: never clean when the laptop or computer runs out"

An Important Point for Screen Cleaning

When you are ready to keep your laptop screen clean, everyone knows that it is no less than a tough fight. So make sure your laptop / computer does not have to be in operating mode when you want to give a cleaning solution from the edge, the digitizer of the touch screen, you need nothing more than a clean cloth and a cleaning solution. It would be no bad idea to plug the plug into the socket and touch the on / off button on your laptop. and wait until the moment that it is completely off and remove the battery, after removing the battery it may sound like dead and keep in mind that your approach must always be cautious than sorry.

What Things You Insist on Cleaning Solution:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Distilled water
  • A neutral cotton cloth
  • A bottle syringe
Special Note / warnings: "NEVER use this isopropyl alcohol for the drink and stay away from the all children (younger than 12 years) because it is dangerous. No blue eyes when a child is drunk. It is a great chance to get sick and have a stomach ache."

Some of the business-line laptops, you have to be extra careful and come with a premium cleanliness cloth that is great soft, dry, lint-free cloth will do. if you test on a small part of the laptop screen in case of uncertainty.

What Should Avoid:

Never use hard towels. Maybe it is not suitable for on the screen and can scratch the screen. One more thing: stay away from paper towels. it is made of wood, so you can damage your screen or digitizer and even, not 100% recycled. Just do not try to do this. To clean the screen, avoid cleaning agents on the LCD that contain ammonia-ethyl alcohol containing alcohol for human consumption; toluene, acetone or ethyl acetate and etc. and another important thing to prevent the normal water cleaning your LED screen.

The cleaning solution:

Take a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and one of distilled water. Dilute it in a correct percentage. you do not have to use the perfect dilution, but the sound is as good as possible [Isopropyl alcohol (50%) + distilled water (50%)]. First wash your hand and first clean your fingerprint to use a screen cleaning solution.

Make sure that you do not spray directly on the digitizer. It can be very damaging to your screen or damage the small particles in the screen, you must have a small cotton cloth and a diluted spray. Keep in mind that you press the spray a bit against the cotton cloth and then rub your LCD digitizer in an urgent way.

Note: If you can use general household LCD screen cleaning solution, you can damage your display within one minute.


How to Clean Laptop Screen with Alcohol | Clean Apple Laptop Screen

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