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Saturday, December 29, 2018

True Facts Why Kids Lie?

 Why Kids Lie?You know your child is lying on you, but you have no way to respond to it. You call them straight liars, whoppers or lies, children can be anything and lie to you for some or other reasons. While the younger children would make a whole story while lying, the older ones seemed to lie to you because they did not do their homework.

True Facts Why Kids Lie?
True Facts Why Kids Lie?
So, why do you think your children are lying when you teach them only the right things? Besides, what do you do when they lie to you?

Let's look at the reasons why children lie to their parents and find possible solutions for the same.

1. To test our new behavior

One of the studies abroad stated that when our younger children lie, they do not lie with a real purpose, they actually try to test our behavior for them. They would like to see our reactions to everything that has to do with them. They want to see your reaction to the situation in which they lie and you can catch them or not.

2. To get approval

You would have seen those high school movies where children lie to let themselves look at hep and superior while; their life is not as good as they think it should be. To make life bigger than life and have a reputation with their friends, they lie. After lying a few times, they have a satisfied feeling full of self-confidence. That is why they lie to get theirs, as well as the approval of other people.

3. To move the focus somewhere else

When a child suffers from a condition or a disease such as depression, they generally lie in order to move the observer's attention to someone else. They would make an excuse or a lie about it, so that the person's attention is transferred to someone else. They can minimize their problems by saying something like "No, no, I slept well last night" because they do not want people to worry about them.

4. If they speak without thinking

One of the characteristics of the impulsive type of ADHD is talking before they think. When your children tell you a story about themselves or something that happened to them, out of impulsivity, they would exaggerate the whole thing and lie somewhere in between. Sometimes they even forget what they say and to repair the missing parts, they come up with stories for it.

5. Because you encourage them to lie

You would not deliberately ask to lie, but you would simply say that you answer that conversation and say you are not near the telephone or have forgotten the phone at home and left. In return, you would give them children's party clothes. This is how you inadvertently encourage them to lie.

Give them the confidence that they can fulfill everything and they do not need it. Give them positive reinforcement if they do not lie to you and so educate them that they are not needed. Why children lie?


True Facts Why Kids Lie?

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