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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Awesome Time Management Tips For Student-athletes

Time ManagementFrom my personal experience as a student athlete, I understand the obstacles and temptations with which we are confronted on a daily basis. Unexpected changes in schedules and conflicts occur regularly, which can cause confusion and build up stress / anxiety. But although schedules of students and athletes are planned in an orderly fashion, it can still be chaotic every day. 

Awesome Time Management Tips For Student-athletes
Awesome Time Management Tips For Student-athletes
When student athletes become students, they achieve a degree of independence that they have not experienced before. They are now alone and no longer have their parents next to them to remind them of their responsibilities. They are starting to assume all this newly found freedom and are beginning to benefit from everything around them. A problem that can lead to consequences that can change their lives forever.

Time Management | Each athlete will not be the same. Each individual has his own ways to achieve his goals. No one will ever be the same. Being very proactive is the secret of how successful you can be as a student / athlete. So the mentality that student athletes take with them on the field or field to compete should not be different than when they are out of the field. Paying attention to the small details while doing the right things on and off the field is a simple comparison with being successful. The time and preparation that athletes use to get themselves in the best shape, to get the best out of themselves and to prepare for every situation, have to be answered to their academics and life.


Bad daily planning

New found independence

Leisure activities

Nightlife / temptations

Laziness / Postponement

Above you see a list of obstacles that student athletes struggle with, obstacles that all relate to how well they give priority to what is important and what is not so important to them. It all comes down to the matter. Your thoughts and interests spark the actions you take or the words you speak, so keep a strong sense of values ​​and get to know your goal early on. Ask yourself what you do or do not do to unleash everything that you are forgiven for.

Once athletes get an idea of ​​priorities and plan their week, they can interrupt their agenda in a daily plan that includes their studies, exercise / training times, individual work, etc. By achieving this, athletes will:

Feel a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-esteem

Find a balance between academics and sports

Improve performance on the field

Position yourself for a better future


Awesome Time Management Tips For Student-athletes

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