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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Know About The Role of Yogurt in Diabetes

Know About The Role of Yogurt in Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which the body stops producing the hormone insulin or stops responding, causing the glucose level in the blood to be seriously unbalanced. Diabetes is indeed a fatal disease if it is not diagnosed and treated in time. A normal diabetes treatment for this medical condition is not enough, if you suffer from it, it is crucial to take care of your daily diet and to add some healthy foods to sometimes satisfy your hunger. Yogurt is one of them.

Know About The Role of Yogurt in Diabetes

Yoghurt is a good alternative for direct dairy products. People of all ages can have this as a healthy food because it contains a bacterium called probiotics and keeps your stomach healthy. It also contains fewer carbohydrates and more proteins, which is especially good for people who suffer from diabetes. However, not all types of yogurt are best for diabetic people, there are different types of the same available recommended by the doctors.

Here we discuss the types of yogurt and their health benefits for the convenience of diabetic patients.

Unsweetened yogurt: also known as Greek. This type of yogurt is tense, making it creamy and thick and there is less fat in it. When you go for this kind of yogurt make sure that you check whether it is made from skim milk and unsweetened because it is the most harmful for diabetes with artificial sweeteners.

Australian yogurt: this yoghurt is not made from skimmed milk but from whole milk. Honey is sometimes used to sweeten this, but there are also low fat milk options for Australian yogurt.

Icelandic: this type of yogurt is finely stretched and is full of protein. This is creamier and thicker than Greek yogurt and is really good for diabetic patients. You can also get a full-milk option for this.

Diabetes treatment is not very easy to follow, so the thoughts of losing weight with your diet occasionally occur to you. But cheating can be done with food such as yogurt, which is good for your health. Make sure you eat unsweetened and satiate your sweet tooth, take it with fruit such as banana, blueberries and almonds, otherwise you'll be lonely.


Know About The Role of Yogurt in Diabetes

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