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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Know About The Yoga and Natural Medicine


Yoga is a combination of body and mind to form concentration to lead a healthy life. It is a Hindu spiritual and Ascetic discipline that includes simple meditation, respiratory control and the assumption of certain body postures. It is widely practiced to get health and relaxation.

Yoga and Natural Medicine
Know About The Yoga and Natural Medicine

Natural medicine:

Natural medicine is a combination of alternative medicine involving homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, lifestyle and dietary guidance. People who practice natural medicine are called neuropathic doctors. Use natural medicine to help the body heal itself.

The combination of internal and natural medicine can help people lead a healthy life and can prevent deviations from health problems. Ii also aims to cure the root causes of unhealthy problems and symptoms.

Types of yoga:

Some of the most important yoga types are mentioned below.

1. Bikram:

Bikram Yoga is also called "hot" yoga; it is mainly used in artificially heated rooms at temperatures of nearly 100 to 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity. It contains a list of 26 postures and a series of two breathing exercises.

2. Ashtanga:

This type of yoga uses earlier yoga lessons. Ashtanga yoga contains a total of six established order postures that connect every moment to breathe. It usually developed in the 1970s to 1980.

3. Iyengar:

This kind of yoga focuses mainly on finding the right alignment in each pose using props, blankets, chairs, such as blocks and bolsters.

4. Hatha:

It explains the general term of any type of yoga that explains the physical postures of yoga. In fact, it teaches about the classes that usually serve as an introduction to the basic teaching of yoga.

5. Jivamukti:

It means 'liberation during life'. This type of yoga appeared in 1984 and consolidated spiritual teachings and practices that focus on poses themselves. It is a combination of physical, ethical and spiritual yoga.

6. Kundalini:

It usually concentrates on the system of meditation that delivers accumulated energy. Kundalini means "rolled up like a snake".

Branches of Yoga:

1. Raja:

This branch focuses mainly on strict meditation and following a sequence of a disciplinary process known as the eight limbs of yoga.

2. Hatha:

This branch belongs to physical and mental meditations. It is designed to nourish body and mind.

3. Bhakti:

This branch aims to cultivate the devotion, the positive way to build emotions, and establish tolerance.

4. Karma:

This is a way of serving that aims to create a future that is free of negativity and selfishness.

5. Tantra:

This is a way of rituals and ceremonies and completion of a relationship.

6. Jnana:

This branch Jnana yoga is all about wisdom that the intellect develops through the study and path of the scholar.

Benefits / Benefits of yoga:

1. Can improve flexibility:

Flexibility is the first obvious benefit of yoga. In the initial stage you would probably not be able to reach toes and not think about the backward bend. But if you persevere, you will find yourself flexible and healthy, impossible poses that you have never been able to do. Pain and related pains are likely to disappear. By doing this, you will notice that our body becomes flexible.

2. It makes your posture perfect:

By doing different postures, muscles in your body become flexible, so that your body is illuminated and the body posture becomes good and perfect.

The muscles in our connection with the neck, spine wrestling as a result of our daily activities, it makes your posture bad and it affects your body posture again. This also does some regular body postures.

3. Builds muscle strength:

Strong muscles do more than look good. They protect us against conditions such as arthritis and pain such as back pain and muscle pain. It helps people with falling in older people. When you build strength in fitness, you can balance your body with flexibility.

4. Yoga makes your bones strong and healthy:

It is good and proven that weight-bearing exercises strengthen your bones and increase strength. In the internal medicine, many postures are needed to carry your own weight. This makes your bones strong and healthy.

5. It reduces your blood pleasure and increases your heart rate:

By practicing and doing yoga, you benefit that your blood pleasure is controlled and enlightened. By doing Savasana a big advantage, it reduces the 26 points drop in systolic blood pleasure.

And another thing is by doing different poses in yoga, your heart is filled with lots of oxygen and it strengthens your heart to get no heart attack or heart-related problems.


By doing yoga and using natural medicine, we can regain or build strength internally to get a healthy life and improve our posture.


Know About The Yoga and Natural Medicine

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