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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Know About The Alternative Life of The Internet

 Life of The InternetMany people take a different medication than what you would expect in terms of a medicine. An addiction will spread through them in a way that is worse than any medicine ever can. Because the treatment of drugs or alcohol could take months, the treatment of a mental medicine might never be possible. There is a good reason why there is a health warning on the bottom of your keyboard or the video games you play. Although the reason is strictly medical, there are other warnings that you should receive.

Life of The Internet
The Alternative Life of The Internet
There is another dimension of internet life that many people do not come across; a dimension where you risk your mental health and your entire life. There are many names and methods in this dimension. In some you become a very different person; suggest that you can encounter difficulties in life and express them in a different way.

Some people will use false names and identities to be protected from the strangers they will meet online, but while some do so only for safety, some will do so because of their incredible lack of self-respect that forces them to try to be different than who they really are.

Although dishonesty always occurs on the internet, there is a positive side of the double identity that a teenager can carry online and in the real world. The second personality they would represent could be the real one and in that way could build with it. The positive side can come with the way they treat themselves; the way they express their anger on a keyboard or controller for video gaming, rather than on actual ways that they would prove hurt or hurt others.

But the negative side remains the same. Some people get addicted to that role play or this website they talk to strangers about and eventually ignore their real life and social life. They often get far away in social gatherings and often forget about the activities they have to do.

The other side is the more dangerous side. Some people hide behind their protective screens as shields and start to have more than just a life on the internet. It expands with games that simulate life itself, such as massive multiplayer online games and think it's just a game that keeps them busy for a while; but instead they spend longer hours on the video game and forget about the chores or spend the night playing instead of sleeping, which causes health problems and personal problems.

It is almost a medicine that teenagers especially prefer to all dimensions of life that are needed, except that they are only visual. Some people realize how devastated their lives are when it is already late. Of course it is never too late to stop and lead a real life, to keep the internet as a tool rather than a whole side of life.

Perhaps one of your friends or brothers and sisters is enjoying that life more than the real life in which they live; use it as an alternative end in which they can do what they want to do without judgment or punishment for an error. The warning is not only a health warning, but also a mental warning. Keep your life stable and do not use the internet as a replacement.


The Alternative Life of The Internet

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