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Friday, December 28, 2018

Know about How to Support Someone With a Serious Illness

How to support someone with a serious illness

When someone is diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness, some friends and relatives sometimes distance themselves from that person and his / her immediate family. The reasons may vary, but some people just do not know what to do or say, so they avoid contact altogether. This reaction causes pain, sadness and a sense of alienation for the person who is ill and his or her family.

Serious Illness
Know about How to Support Someone With a Serious Illness

Here are 7 ways to support someone during a serious illness.

1. Let them know that you are thinking of them, but respect their need for space and privacy. Constant calls for updates can sometimes be intrusive and overwhelming. Some family members and people with severe illness use online programs such as to keep interested parties informed.

2. Send a single card or e-mail to let them know that they are in your thoughts or prayers. But do not expect to receive a response or confirmation. Many people take contact when they hear the news, but then fall away.

3. Consider sending a gift basket with appropriate and practical items such as relaxation or music CDs, lotion, a diary, note cards, fruit, etc.

4. Make a sincere offer to drive, if applicable, or accompany someone for medical appointments and treatments. The sick person may not be at the wheel and / or must have a lawyer to communicate with the healthcare provider, make notes, and so on. The ordinary caretaker of that person may also need relief.

5. If you are in the neighborhood, you can help in a different way by occasionally giving a meal (mention in advance that it will come, if possible); to do shopping or do other shopping; pay for a cleaning crew to go in (with permission) or offer to clean something yourself. Help fold the laundry or walk with the dog, and so on.

6. Although many of us tend to offer cheerful messages and offer solutions to every problem, the best thing you can do is listen and quietly support with your presence - physically or virtually, via e-mail, etc.

7. And while supporting the person with the disease is so important, it is also important to support his or her carer / immediate family members. This is often overlooked. This is someone whose world is turned upside down and can use a few words of encouragement, postponement, help, support and caring to help them through the disease.

A village is needed to support someone with a serious illness and his or her family members / caregivers. There are many different ways to help and support and to keep in touch. Everyone is a bit different than any situation, so you take instructions from the person (s) you are trying to support. And if you are concerned about being intrusive, do not be afraid to ask if what you are doing is 'too much'. Sometimes "too much" is better than too little.


Know about How to Support Someone With a Serious Illness

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