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Friday, December 28, 2018

Human Emotions in Relationships and Harmony

Human Emotions in Relationships and Harmony

What and when we feel, that is our emotions, are a key factor in relationships. Let's say something about them.

Human Emotions in Relationships and Harmony
Human Emotions in Relationships and Harmony

Human emotions due to their positivism:

A lower emotional spectrum (love and pleasure of a weak intensity)
An average emotional spectrum (love and pleasure of average intensity)
The highest emotional spectrum (love, desire and pleasure of strong intensity)
Human emotions due to their negativity:

A lower emotional spectrum (hate, Impatient and displeasure of weak intensity)
An average emotional spectrum (hatred and displeasure of average intensity)
The highest emotional spectrum (hatred and displeasure of a strong intensity)
The old "Lauw Harmonie" from my book "Amen" (it corresponds to the average level of both types of emotions)

While the 'Extreme Harmony' includes excessive good and excessive evil, his lukewarm form is characterized by on average intense feelings without maximum good and maximum evil. No human being suffers too much, that is the most important thing.

At the time of the creation of my "Lauw Harmonie", I even considered the idea of ​​taking beings in the other universes for neighbors in the sense that if we are not too happy in our universe, we will not . to be the cause of their possible excessive unhappiness (now I refer to the balance of opposites, which then was my main criterion).

Just look at "the balance between opposites" in the case of genders:

When we are in heaven, we do not have our physical body and our soul does not express sexuality, that is one-sidedness, just as during physical life on earth. The principle of how intense it experiences relationships can be illustrated by a model of a person whose emotional spectrum includes both female and male feelings, being a perfect combination of both.

Women have a vagina and men have a penis, despite that each of them is different from others with the same sex. While the essence of each of the two sexes is compatible with a different range of feelings.

Let us remember the origin of the male and female gender (excerpt from my book "Supergod"): "It is a so-called" root derivation of the original center ", which is a modification of the model of the original androgynous and sexless man by the enlargement of some of the properties of its root and at the same time the weakening of the others. The result is on the one hand a "root surplus", on the other hand a "root deficit" (= a man) or a woman - remark). "

More complex feelings can only be achieved by combining the capacities of both sexes. However, since there is the element of the opposite in every opposite, each gender contains a small bit of the properties and possibilities of the other. But if these qualities and abilities are about the same, suggesting a "half-man-half-woman," only the more complex spectrum of feelings will reach.

The way in which such a person experiences "his or her" or if you like "his" relationships is unusual for us. Since none of the two sexes is domineering, there would be no extreme-intensive love such as sexual intercourse with orgasm, but on the other hand there would be no too cold relationships.

If we summed up the intensity of love between two lovers and between two acquaintances or friends and divided by two, the resulting amount would be the value of the intensity of love with which that "androgynous" person experiences his relationship to close people. It would be something between a normal relationship and a sexual relationship with an orgasm, which means a warmer friendship (in the sense of improved or even "upgraded").

Do not try to be someone like that! It is a theory that was explained here to allow you to experience the essence of generations and love that our souls experience in heaven. Here on earth, everyone should follow the characteristics of his or her physical gender without attempting to change anything. In short, be the man or woman as God created you.

And now emotions. First of all, only the average:

The first and the third circle (see above) have been removed and the rest is the second. I hope you can imagine what it would look like without the most extreme passions, but also without the weakest.

Secondly, all emotions are allowed except for the most intensive ones: (= the road without extremes)

The third circle (see above) is removed and the first and second circles remain. I hope you can imagine what it would look like without the most extreme passions.

The new "Lauw Harmonie"

As with the old version of this harmony, each person has the average amount of personal happiness. The total amount of luck of the society in question is divided by the number of members and each of them has the resulting amount at its disposal.

Given everything that all human souls must experience and now I refer to 'the image of human souls', the opinion of my young age was more or less correct. But if we look at the specific society in which we live or in which we will live in the future, it is different.

In our "Hellige third" (the left, quite dark, about 35%) the average amount of happiness of normal people is quite low. But in the "Miscellaneous third" (the right, half light, about 30%) the average amount of human happiness is much greater. Because the 'celestial third' is like the opposite of the 'infernal third', and the 'other third' half-light is with one problematic place, the total sum of the light (= happiness) and the darkness (= misfortune) must be very slightly below zero (at least 2%, recently I have called the range of - 4 and - 8%, which perhaps was too negative, the truth is that I'm not entirely sure about the value of the problematic place of the right third determines the final result).

In general, it is advisable to avoid the greatest extremes in good and evil and to achieve the average amount of happiness in each person. But it is impossible to be put into practice in the "Hellish third" of "the Image of human souls". It can only be realized without hellish people.

You can not, however, avoid the greatest good in the 'heavenly third' and partly in the best places of the 'third part'. Both 'heavenly' and 'infernal third' exclude the establishment of my 'lukewarm harmony'. The "heavenly" because he is too good and the "hellish" because he is too bad. What I wrote when I was younger is majority just when we consider all three thirds together, but the majority is incorrect if we only deal with one of them (except the "Miscellaneous").

Take advantage of avoiding the extremes

If we remove all extremes and use what has remained, we can achieve very interesting results. Examples:

1. Great shepherd dogs

80% strength of the strongest, 80% speed of the fastest, 80% want of those who have the highest and comparable. Although they can be overcome in one discipline (for example, greyhound will run even faster than they do or a bloodhound will follow the game better than they do), in the overall performance where everything is needed (resistance to colds, ability to fight) beasts, the ability to fight human enemies, long walks, a good social feeling to approach the other dogs in the peloton, etc.), they will be the best.

2. Relationships

At location:

The best is when our love is not fragmented in the way that is not suitable for us. For example, if all our closest people are in the same apartment with us, we can be "overeated" by their ever-lasting closeness. And vice versa when they are too far away from us, e.g. in another country it can be too difficult for us to meet them if we need their proximity. I suspect it would work in this way in most cases and the most appropriate thing is the harmonious arrangement of our relationships, which does not mean too close and at the same time not too far away. All our beloved people and favorite places must always be accessible when we really need to contact them.

By potential:

No man is loved by the whole potential of one's love, but at the same time no one is not loved at all (= not too much love, nor too little love). A part of love is given to our girlfriend / wife / husband, others to grandparents, others to own children, others to family members, others to friends, other to popular pieces of land and in the same way. Every person must be loved by the ideal part and the amount of his potential of love.

3. Martial arts

The important is that It is not enough to be only the best kicker and striker, or the best wrestler, or a perfect psychologist who knows how to treat the other people, or a wonderful lawyer who knows the law. But he who knows the essence of all that knows how to kick and hit, how to use the body in combat situations that require wrestling techniques, at the same time how to approach people and how all this has to happen in the context of the law, he, as a whole is more efficient than one of these professionals, separated and alone.

4. Foreign language

He who knows all the existing words in one letter can not make himself understood in that language, because he knows no words from all other letters. But he who knows the essential words from each letter, he will already be able to make himself understood in that language.

5. Supergod

None of the parts of his body excels another, but they are all in an ideal state (which does not mean 'maximum') and work perfectly together.

Lesson: do not reach any time the maximum level in one spectrum. Use perfect collaborative essentials of all required spectrums instead.


Human Emotions in Relationships and Harmony

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