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Saturday, December 29, 2018

5 Ways to Empower Woman in Society

Empower Woman  | Women have denied different rights for the longest possible time and are leveled as helpers and not as participants in a company. Despite the fact that the trend has now changed, it has not yet reached the target level to equalize women and men. Traditionally it has been said that the place of a woman is in the kitchen and that she is only there to serve her husband and always take care of him. But the truth is that women should be given equal opportunities, just like their male counterparts.

Empower Woman
5 Ways to Empower Woman in Society

Women's emancipation has taken shape in most countries and has contributed a lot to devising women's rights. Although gender-based violence continues to be widely applied, substantial steps have been taken to put an end to vice, especially in developed countries. However, much remains to be done to make the woman stronger. There are viable ways to empower women, including:

Give leadership positions for women

Women are known as the best leaders, but they are always denied this opportunity on the basis of their gender. When a woman gets a leading position, she will be a mainstay for other women and help to defend their rights. Society also sees its potential and tends to gain self-confidence and see women as part of development and not just as an assistant. Through leading women, it will also give young girls an enthusiasm to learn to be future leaders and to fight for these positions without fear of discrimination.

Accord equal opportunities for women and girls

A trained woman is a star for the whole community and also a role model for other women and girls. The best way to empower a woman is to offer her education, just like their male counterparts. In some communities they do not train women and are released only at a young age to marry and are therefore oppressed. A skilled woman will know her rights and will always stand up for the rights of other women.

Provide support to women and girls in crisis situations

A number of girls are subject to abuse, sexual abuse, child labor and many other awful things that are against their rights. It is important to provide support to such girls by eliminating child labor, sexual exploitation and other acts that degrade the girl child. It is also important to protect women and girls by offering them counseling, medical assistance when needed and others. This will help girls and women develop into reputable and honored members of society.

Respect and appreciate women

Another way to make women stronger is to fully respect her and always appreciate everything they do. This will give them a passion to continue doing their best knowing that their work is appreciated. This can be listening to them, learning from them, encouraging their passion and much more.

End of violence on the basis of sex

Physical or sexual violence is the worst form of violence and abuse of a woman. It demoralises a woman enormously and lowers her potential and even input at work. By ending violence against women, they will have the potential and the courage to vent their opinions and give ideas on how to manage society.

It is clear that women offer the best solutions, advice, ideas and even opinions and that is why missing their role in development is a big hit. By empowering women, the whole society is enabled to achieve great development.


5 Ways to Empower Woman in Society

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