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Thursday, November 1, 2018

How a Dancing in a Stress can Prevention of Disease | Dance is a Universal Medicine

How a Dancing in a Stress can Prevention of Disease | Dance is a Universal Medicine

Stress | Dance is a universal medicine for all diseases! It improves mood, accelerates metabolism, stimulates all body systems, provides the body with the necessary physical strain and has a rejuvenating effect. But the most interesting thing is that the dance opens an irreplaceable influence on the state of mind and state of mind and opens up new perspectives in communication with others.

How a Dancing in a Stress can Prevention of Disease | Dance is a Universal Medicine

All of us, sooner or later, appear in a situation where we have to dance. And in such circumstances people fall into two categories: those who know how to dance and those who can not dance. And of course the first always wins. Even if someone does not possess exceptional dignity and titles in life, he can be much more respected by society, just because of his ability to move beautifully.

In ancient times, the rich chose their wives among dancers. They knew that the beauty, the mind and the health of women were revealed in the dance. The best dancers became wives of great rulers. Today this tradition has already been forgotten, but people still unconsciously understand that dance makes it possible to fully reveal the essence of human nature. Not for nothing and to this day young people choose their couple at discos and parties. Dance, more than words, helps people get closer and get to know each other.

We do not only treat dance as a cheerful entertainment. For us it is the same science as mathematics or geometry. At the heart of the dance we teach, lie the scientific disciplines that describe the work of the human body, such as: biomechanics, anatomy, physics, sports medicine. Like any science, dance has a 'foundation' and the principles of its use: it contains everything you need to learn to move, without this knowledge the dance will be incomplete. After you have mastered the basics, you get a complete picture of the structure of the dance. It is a tool with which you can make your own dance. You do not have to remember dance performances and ligaments. Dancing with bunches is the same as saying poetry, instead of freely building your speech. The dance database is an alphabet, the principles of its use are linguistics. Mastery of dance, you learn a new language, understandable for everyone.

It is important that you understand that in order to learn how to dance well, it does not take less time and effort than to learn a foreign language. It also matters what task you impose on yourself, to what level you aim. If you are interested in the basic level, with the right approach, you can master it in 6-9 months. But if you want to become an expert, you need a more serious attitude. We managed to train adult students from zero to zero to the level of "specialist" in two years of constant training. Less capable students become professionals in 4-6 years. Consider this as the highest dance education, but education at such a level that even the graduates of the higher state educational choreography institutions are usually unable to perform the dance base that our adult dance school teaches.

Movement is life, says an expression that many know. But if this is not just a movement, but a dance pass, then life becomes much better, clearer and healthier. We will discuss below about why this is so, and how dance classes affect our health exactly.

Firstly, regular dance lessons go far beyond fitness and gyms in their effect of strengthening the musculoskeletal system. If you have problems with your back, overweight, weak muscle tone and other negative effects of hypodynamics - the scourge of our time - go to the dance studio at least a few times a week, in the evening, and you are amazed at how fast and excited you will leave annoying problems.

Secondly, dance lessons perfectly influence the cardiovascular system, helping to normalize blood circulation and blood pressure. Strengthen the respiratory system - dancing - is a beautiful cardio, with which you can significantly improve your stamina, learn to control your breathing and pulse.

Especially the aforementioned, energetic movements, which are regularly applied during dance classes, also normalize the metabolism and force our intestines to work properly.

And it is of course impossible not to dwell on the positive effect of dancing on the state of the nervous system. Dance training teaches you to focus your attention, remember complex movements, synchronize them with nervous activities and thus develop the brain, as well as the ability to imagine, to fly to fantasy and artistic perfection. Dancing, you relieve stress, do your workload and fatigue away from you.

But perhaps most important is that endorphins, hormones of joy, are active and in large quantities during the dance, so that everyone who engages in dancing always has a great mood and an inexhaustible charge of positive energy!

How a Dancing in a Stress can Prevention of Disease | Dance is a Universal Medicine

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