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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Christmas Tree Traditions With Great Symbolism in Most Human Cultures

Christmas Tree Traditions With Great Symbolism in Most Human Cultures

Origin of the Christmas tree

Let's go to the Christmas tree. The habit of bringing it into houses and public places is much younger than that of the nativity scene. The trees are loaded with great symbolism in most human cultures. When they ascend to heaven, they are pointing as big fingers to the divine. His green foliage suggests life. In the different cosmogonies it always seems to play an important and even decisive role, but also remember the Greek myths, the tree with the apples of the Hesperides and the tree in which the Golden Fleece hung. 


The Hindus and the Persians had their respective trees paradise and SalvĂ­ficos. The Germans believed that the universe was supported by a large tree, in which the sun, the moon and the stars were hung (possible origin of the use of the setting of lighthouses in the Christmas tree). For this reason they considered the forests sacred, in which they believed that their gods were manifested, to which they offered human sacrifices at the foot of trees such as oaks.

St. Boniface, missionary monk of the 8th century who evangelized Germany (of which he is considered an apostle) because he believed it was impossible to uproot the pagan beliefs of the Germans, decided to Christianise them. He banished the custom of human sacrifice and gave new meaning to the trees, which are the source of life and not of death, in relation to God, who gives food and shelter to his creatures. He chooses the FIR as the best that suggests Christian ideas: the triangular shape reminds the Trinity and the eternal green foliage symbolizes eternal life. It is believed that he has proclaimed it as a "Baby Jesus Tree" and that it began with the celebration of Christmas between the newly rebuilt pagans. Another tradition is that of the monk Winfred, a contemporary of St. Boniface, who would have opted for an oak and not a fir tree.

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However, the use of the Christmas tree was only implanted as we know it until the seventeenth century (the Protestants claim that the initiator was Luther). The truth is that only from the nineteenth century the Scandinavian countries and Germany were divided by Austria and Poland. Britain was taken by the wife of Queen Victoria, who was a German prince. At the same time he settled in France in the mid-1980s and a little later in the United States. In Spain and Italy, the Christmas tree dates from the twentieth century, and it was well introduced. Instead, it was previously popularized in Latin America by the influx of North Americans. Today, even the pope places a monumental tree on the Plaza de San Pedro in Rome, which serves as a sanctuary for the nativity scene.

Christmas Tree Traditions With Great Symbolism in Most Human Cultures

Christmas Tree

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