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Penn Badgley Clarifies Comments That He Was Molested After Gossip Girl Fame


Penn Badgley Clarifies Comments That He Was Molested After Gossip Girl Fame

Penn Badgley Clarifies Comments That He Was Molested After Gossip Girl Fame

Penn Badgley has been popular while the pilot of You is still getting closer. Badgley is best known for his rendition of Dan Humphreys in the hit series Gossip Girl. Penn Badgley is also known for the films Easy A, The Stepfather, John Tucker Must Die and Margin Call.

Elizabeth Lail is known for her work in Once Upon a Time, Dead of Summer and The Blacklist. Lail played Princess Anna / Joan in Once Upon a Time season 4 and Amy Hughes in Dead of Summer.
Fans of Pretty Little Liars will be happy to see Shay Mitchell who played Emily Fields in the long-running hit series. Mitchell is scheduled to shine in the ABC series The Heiresses.

A & E Networks' new series You start tonight with their pilot episode about Lifetime. Based on the best-selling eponymous novel by Caroline Kepnes, Netflix has the exclusive rights to the show, including the first season with 10 episodes. Season two has been set for 2019.

Penn Badgley is enlightening comments he made during an interview in which he said he was "molested" after he became famous on Gossip Girl.

"The point of my comment was not to reveal a personal trauma, I talked about how emotional and physical limits are being violated for someone in the public eye who is seen as an object of desire," said Badgley, 31 , in a statement to PEOPLE on Monday.

"Depending on so many factors, varying from conscious abuse to something very unconscious - and that is the point I have been making cautious in the context of a discussion about fanaticism and cultural norms that support manipulative or abusive behavior - these are the same standards that predatory men support, but not exclusively predatory men, "he continued. "They all influence and infect us."

In his speech with The Daily Beast in a profile published on Sunday, Badgley, who played the lead role as Dan Humphrey during the CW drama of 2007-12, said that he was 'literally molested' by fans.
"I think that as an actor you can become an object of desire, something women are more or less accustomed to around the world - I've certainly been, I mean, I do not want to sound sensational, but I've literally molested - just in the literal sense of the word - by many people in the moment, "Badgley told the website.


"Because that's what they do," he added.
The Daily Beast described Badley as "thoughtful and cautious when he discusses this" and said that he "recognized the privilege that it was a man, not to mention a white man, to give him the right."
Badgley, starring as stalker Joe Goldberg in Lifetime's new drama thriller You, admitted: "these things are going to happen, you know."

"And it's interesting to even hear that you have that reaction, like" I'm sorry, "because I did not even think about it then," he said.

"You are led in particular as a man that if it happens, you feel good about it, especially if it comes from someone who is also an object of your desire, and I think it is interesting to this show. Joe looks like me, he acts and talks to me to some extent, so I think the audience should be like, "Oh, that would be nice if someone was so in love with me," he continued.

On Sunday, Badgley debuted in You, in which he plays a bookshop manager obsessed with a young woman.

"Using the internet and social media as his tools to gather the most intimate details and come close to her, a charming and uncomfortable crush quickly becomes an obsession as he silently and strategically removes every obstacle - and person - on his way. ", says Lifetime's website.

Penn Badgley Clarifies Comments That He Was Molested After Gossip Girl Fame

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