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Sunday, September 9, 2018

How to Make Your Colleagues' Day Amazing

How to Make Your Colleagues' Day Amazing


People spend a lot of time focused on getting their jobs done and rise up the ladder. Sometimes they forget the people around them in their self-centered drive. There is nothing wrong with a little productive narcissism, but from time to time you have to keep the scales in balance and focus on others to get the universe back in order.

Because she is known for her successful teambuilding and extraordinary employee loyalty, I consulted entrepreneur and The Recipe author Amilya Antonetti about great ways to surprise colleagues and give them a great day. Together we have made this simple list. Whether you give these gifts to one person or to an entire team unexpectedly, one of these ideas should sufficiently surprise your colleagues and bring karma back to your advantage.

1. Bring in baked goods. Nothing gets attention like the smell of freshly baked chocolate cookies. Get up early and bring them in while they are still warm. Give them to the team and see how the smile spreads.

2. Write an unsolicited positive recommendation. More than likely, there is someone you work with who does not get the tools they deserve from senior management. Spend some time describing how this person contributes above and beyond. Show him or her the letter and say that you give it to the boss.

3. Start an applause. It sounds crazy, but imagine an office where every time someone does something above and beyond, the whole place bursts into applause. Once you start, everyone knows what to do, so start with it and do not stop until the cries and hollers are deafening. Everyone deserves to feel like a star once in their lives.

4. Jump for a nice lunch. Skip the vending machines and the fast food folder. Arrange a surprise lunch in a luxurious restaurant. Pay attention to a deserving person with a culinary experience that they will remember for months.

5. Share lots. The pleasure of the lottery is the expectation of winning. Put together a pool of 100 scratch cards for your team and agree to share the winnings. Scratch them all at once or spread them over a week and start each day with a little excitement.

6. Arrange a spade day. You know who the workhorse is. He or she probably has not taken a day off for months. Most likely everyone stands at the top of the priority list for this person and shows the wear and tear. Prepare the service and make the appointment so that he or she can not say no. Watch the relaxed smile the next day.

7. Ask for advice. People want to feel valued and important, but they can often be skipped in the hustle and bustle of business. Identify the quiet ones and ask their opinion on important issues. Make them feel valuable and worthy. They will be encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas in the future.

8. Give awards. There is a good reason why plaques and trophies have long been a recognition sign. They ensure that people who receive them feel good about themselves and their working environment. Find the right opportunity and goal to recognize those who contribute with little recognition. More great days will follow when others ask what the price was for.

9. Give something highly desired. Maybe your colleague wants your office chair, aquarium or favorite account. They comment on it every day and see how you like it. Give it up unexpectedly. Tell them you know they are taking good care of it and you trust that they will enjoy the benefits. Watch the astonishment.

10. Write a sincere thank you note. Few people do their best to give a physical thank you card. Even less time to write the specific points of appreciation in detail. And yet the very writing of those thoughts causes such deep emotions of gratitude and affection that it will be a throw to those who have the greatest day after the birth, you or the recipient.

How to Make Your Colleagues' Day Amazing

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