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Monday, September 24, 2018

How to solve Canon Printer Carriage Jam Issue

How to solve Canon Printer Carriage Jam Issue

How to solve Canon Printer Carriage Jam Issue

If you are a Canon printer user, you may encounter multiple unwanted errors. The problem with the Canon Printer Carrier is such a difficult mistake, and you switch off when you know the best procedure for solving the problem. With the right steps you can easily solve the problems in a short time and contact the Canon helpdesk.

Unlike other printing devices, Canon Printer proved its presence in the heads, both for office use and for home use. It matches the image of an ideal printing device and displays streamlined and clear prints at the same time. But you can also get problems with regard to quality, ink cartridges and sometimes paper jams. If you are confronted with such a problem, you must immediately connect the technical supporters to Canon Printer Technical Support Number UK 08081782624.

If you have a printing device, you know that the carriage of a printer contains the ink cartridges and even slides back and forth for transferring ink onto the print sheet. But you should know that if there is a problem with the paper jam in the machine, this can sometimes lead to paper jams, especially after you print on thicker paper. And you also need to know that the carriage stops, you will probably hear a grating noise when the printer continues to move. It happens because of the problem that the actuator arm is stuck, which prevents the car from moving and does not allow it to move. To resolve such a problem, follow the steps below:

You must remove the power cord from the device and open the cover to reveal the vehicle.

Then squeeze the two levers under the paper tray together to remove the tray.

After that, you only need to slide the slide set from the left side of the printer in the middle for easy access. And if the carriage module does not slide, you can go to the next step.

Then push down the large black bar, which is visible above the rollers, and then release it so that it pops up again. Then slide the carriage set to the right again. If this is still the case, simply continue with the next step.

Now look for the flat black component under the rollers in the compartment of the drawer. You will see a flat component that runs parallel to the bottom of the printer. And if it points up, just push it down.

Now you have to slide the sled set to the right and place all parts correctly.

Then lift the actuator arm, which is directly above the white or gray gear assembly on the left side of the printer. When you lift and release it, you must reset it to the correct position.

And now you have to put the paper tray back into the device. If the printer cover is still open, plug the power cord into the wall socket and turn on the printer.

You can press and hold Resume and then close the cover of the printing device.
If you have another technical problem, look for the technical supervisors. Canon Printer Contact Telephone number UK. 08081782624 The technical assistance they offer is much better than any other technical service.

How to solve Canon Printer Carriage Jam Issue

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