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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How much does IT cost to build an educational application for children | Mobile Application development services

Mobile application development services for iPhone and the development of applications for Android provide benefits such as high response capacity, the best quality and commercial value.

Currently, almost all mobile application development services as cross-platform development, the development of applications for Android and the development of IOS applications provide benefits  100% transparency, high responsiveness, better quality and commercial value. . These have recreated the way technology can be useful for people of all ages, including children.

Mobile application development services have defined a new way of providing education to current and future generations. It is a mixture of learning with fun and reduces dependence on books.

Mobile application development services

Factors that affect the cost of a product
Children learn and believe in the things they see. Therefore, the purpose of the development of the application must be determined before the design and development work begins.

Therefore, an educational application must be informative in addition to the element of graphics, animation and fun. It must contribute to the analytical, logical, cognitive and creative abilities of the child.

If not all, at least the application should at least be sufficient for some of these criteria. Often, they arise to consult a child psychologist or a child interaction specialist who can guide the various stages of the child's development.

Here, an expert creative / graphic designer is also required to effectively illustrate the information.

Mobile application development services Important characteristics of a good educational application
Some of the essential basic and critical characteristics necessary to be part of educational applications especially for children are:

They should be free of ads, unnecessary links and pop-ups, etc.

Simplicity is the first criterion since children are our main audience

Locked menu settings and level changes should be controlled by adults

There must be a way to mute the music

The language used should be simple

Only the necessary buttons must be placed to avoid complexity

Comments for incorrect answers and encouragement for the right ones should be there

Costing of [Mobile application development services]
The development cost of the mobile application hardly differs from the development cost of the web application.

The amount of time, effort and research needed to build a software application determines its cost.

Standard utility applications without flashy graphics and animations cost around $ 1k - $ 10k.

The interactive design with personalization and storage features in the cloud makes the price of the application up to $ 2k - $ 25k.

More features that are essential to be considered and that play a vital role in determining the cost of the application are:

The operating platform, which will work, such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

You must choose the right application development company and the relevant developers to carry out the task correctly. They must understand the basic requirements in an appropriate way and they must have a decent knowledge of the technology and domain in which they will work.

The geographical location of the developer or development company that will create the application is also very important. The rate of application development per hour in almost all countries in Asia or the Middle East ranges from $ 10 to $ 20 per hour, while the same application will cost between $ 120 and $ 160 in European companies or in the US. UU The cost of independent developers is between $ 5- $ 15 / hour in Asia or the Middle East, while the same cost at $ 150 / hour in Europe or the United States. The diversity of talents, the costs of cheap labor, the flow of foreign currency and exchange rates also determine the cost of software development.


The cost of Mobile application development services with basic functionality and features is around $ 12,000 in Asia and around $ 40,000 in the United States. This is subject to changes with an increase in complexity.

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