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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What is wireless charging and what phones are compatible with it?

Phones | Wireless charging is an innovative form of technology that makes it possible to charge a device at short distances (in reality, very few instances) without the use of cables.

iphone wireless charging

The main advantage you can get when using a wireless charger is that it is much cheaper. It is also easier, especially because the need to plug and unplug each time is eradicated; Essentially, all you have to do is place your device on top of a wireless charging pad and it's ready to charge. The wireless charge also looks compact and much more orderly (there are no cables, so you will not have any of those that are out there and will constitute a monstrosity).

When it comes to wireless charging, there are many competing standards. However, the most popular of these standards is known as Qi (actually a "chee" is actually pronounced). Qi has received the support of a large number of great technological giants.

Apple devices and models have wireless charging features, and Samsung has been a trend pioneer for some years (Samsung actually has its range of wireless chargers that work with a phone, as long as it has the Qi wireless charging protocol , built)

As its name suggests, and as you probably can already guess, wireless charging is a means of charging a device (such as a smartphone) without the need to connect a cable.

Wireless charging, when it comes to mobile phones, can come in two forms; can be integrated into the phone (as can be seen with the Samsung Galaxy S6), or can be added via a wireless charging case to a device (as it is with the Galaxy S5)

With this last option, you can add wireless charging to devices that originally did not include the technology.

Some wireless chargers, such as the BlitzWolf 5W wireless charger, offer universal compatibility, while others are designed to fit specific brands or operating systems. Get a 20% discount on Amazon, "2012N8TE" (expired on April 25).

How does it work?
Wireless charging is a technology that makes use of electromagnetic fields in a device. These fields are used to induce and emit electric current in the metal coil contained in another device.

This released current is what powers the battery, and you can be sure that there are no safety issues because the electricity that is generated is contained within the device. You will not notice sparks, and the whole process is as safe as you can imagine.

What phones are compatible with it?
A wireless charger can be used by almost all modern smartphones. However, in certain cases, such as iPhones, you may need an adapter that will connect to the phone's charging socket.

Some phones come with built-in wireless charging function. However, others will need a spare case or cover. These are designed to fit specific phones, so make sure that if your hone falls into this category, choose the right one for the phone.

If a wireless charger is not compatible with your mobile phone, you can also use a universal wireless charging adapter. These allow older phone models to perform wireless charging.

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