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Friday, March 2, 2018

How to Sell Digital Products on Etsy

Sell Digital Products on Etsy

In a recent Etsy affiliate, Sell Digital Products on Etsy, I tell you that I often make purchases on Etsy, but there may not be any kind of product you are thinking of. I do not know that I've ever bought a handmade or vintage site. Instead, I buy digital downloads such as offline marketing materials, logo design, blogging, and worksheet templates.

There is a large part of Etsy vendors who make money from virtual products. Today, we're talking to Shauna Huston about selling digital downloads for Etsy. She completes her income by offering customized resume writing services on this site.

Sell Digital Products on Etsy

What was your motivation to join Etsy?

My motivation to offer career counseling services was first, and this motivation arose from me when I saw the problem with skilled people who could not work on the ground and knowing that I had the experience and knowledge to help. My motivation to join Etsi came because I have heard many success stories from Etsy, but none of them came from digital services. I decided that I want to use Etsi to become a success story different from the typical hand-crafted actions people think about when they hear Etsi.

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What benefits does Etsy offer to digital vendors over other platforms?

Etsy does not promote the use of other platforms on its website because they make money from every sale made using Etsy. I have discovered many benefits with Etsy, such as Etsy Teams, which allows you to join groups with other vendors, post discussions disks and advertise your own items. Etsy vendors have proven to be team members, not competition because they have promoted my items without my encouragement, which has contributed to sales and exposure.

How does payment work?

Etsy retains 3% of each sale. At first, I signed up with PayPal, but PayPal takes another 3%. I stopped using PayPal and added my Etsy page directly to my bank account. Now I receive an order, and the money is in my bank account in a few days.

What tips do you have for those who want to do a similar route for sale?

My biggest advice is customer service. If the potential customer will contact the seller for the provision of services, the seller must take no more than 24 hours to respond, and as soon as possible. Once every hour, I respond to my customers, and usually in a few minutes. I was continuously grateful for my quick answers.

Another tip is to use ads! The seller will pay for a click and turn around will be worth it.

Another tip is pricing everything right. The biggest price error is too low, people will assume that services are not worth it and switch to seemingly better quality services.

Sell Digital Products on Etsy

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