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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The secret of long life and happiness

Happiness | Since the beginning of time, humanity has sought to lengthen its life and be happy while doing so. The difficult fact is that nobody wants to die ... we want to live and live well. We want them to be fulfilled, we have friends, we have influence, we have success and we do all that for a long, long time.

Very simple and it has never changed. What people want from life is essentially universal.


Reality shows us that long life and happiness are not delivered exactly at the door when we enter, we do not get a free pass for these things. On the contrary, life seems to be full of a lot of illnesses and accidents, the same things that shorten life or at least keep us unhappy. So man is always looking for a secret to a long life and happiness because it is so difficult to achieve and life seems to be full of everything but happiness and life is shortened so quickly.

The Bible tells us that there is a secret to achieving a long life and happiness. However, it tells us that the achievement of them is not looking for them, but looking for something more:

"Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains intelligence, because his gain is better than the good of silver and his gain better than fine gold." It is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire is compare with her Long life is in her right hand, riches and honor are in her left hand, her ways are pleasant paths, and all her ways are peace She is a tree of life for those who grasp her, and happy they are all who hold their fast. " Proverbs 3: 13-18

Have you ever noticed how much life is paradoxical? Here we can see it clearly, a paradox of the highest order. What seems to be self-evident is not really true, and this is the reason why most people believe that in order to find a long and happy life you should look for it. Chase them. Grab them. Implacably hunt them until they find them.

However, this approach guarantees failure, 100 percent of the time. Happiness or longevity or any combination of them is NEVER achieved by searching for those things. Many people live in continuous senseless frustration, never reach the place where they always run because the pursuit of happiness is like a thirsty traveler running towards an oasis in the desert: it seems so attainable, but when it arrives, or thinks he arrives .. The water is not there, nor was it ever. It is a mirage.

Happiness and a long life to enjoy it are the search for something completely different. The Bible tells us that it is a condition of the mind. It is wisdom It is understanding. The achievement of wisdom and understanding leads to the attainment of happiness, and not the other way around.

We can accurately call the discovery of happiness and long life in secret. Why? Because so few find it. What everyone pursues is only found by a handful of people who really know and believe what the Scriptures tell us about them. Yes, it has been in print for centuries, but free information does not lead people to the truth. Acting on the truth leads people to the truth.

Money, health, friends and satisfaction: all the things for which people define happiness. They are persecuted daily, tirelessly, by billions. The searchers in an unsuccessful search for a disappearing rainbow that leads to a pot of gold fools. But it does not have to be like that.

The Word of God abounds in truth and encouragement, and is a light that guides those who seek fulfillment. If people opened their eyes and ears to what God told us thousands of years ago, they would stop the endless search for nothing and begin to achieve real peace and happiness. They would find joy and endless realization, tranquility throughout their lives.

And then, it would not be a secret anymore :-)

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