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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Finding Purpose and Direction Meaning of My Life on Earth

Life Without Purpose, I was in South Africa when I was driving an open safari in a car with a bike rider and a follower who was sitting on the front bumper seat. We were seeing the pride of dolls, and our ranger soon marked a new imprint of dirt, which showed that pride had passed in this place.

The next hour we drove through the dirt along a wide scrub landscapes. Where did we go? I did not understand it. But the logger and the searcher knew exactly what they were doing. And then, in front of us, the lion.

Life Without Purpose

What I experienced was a phenomenal experience of tracking something wild and endless, such as a lion or a leopard. And what they did was not only about animals but also outside the game reserves.

Life Without Purpose, You can use your own process in your life to discover something that might also seem wild and inexhaustible: your goal. It's about discovering who you are and your true direction that inspires your life with meaning and joy.

When I work with one-on-one clients, we spend a lot of time in this process. This is not entirely logical. It builds on a different way of feeling and knowledge, allowing you to drive a deeper part of you.

Maybe it sounds a bit crazy? But if you tried to think your way logically, keeping all the rules out of reaching all the "right" goals to succeed, however, you feel like something missing from your life - I call you to try another way.

Life Without Purpose, Find a hot song
Fresh lion prints dirt? This is a hot path. This is clear evidence of what you are looking for.
You start by searching for hot songs in your life, that is: activities that leave you light. What did you love to do so much so that time flew when you got involved? They feel good and they should not be confused with things that you think should do.

Find the next hot item
After finding the first hot path, our ranger searched for the next. Is it pride to go ahead? Did they turn He interpreted the first entry to select the direction.

In your case, we can conclude from your hot record what your next entry might be:
Who feels like fun?
What causes your interest?
What do you think worth
Go and do it.
When the songs go cold

Over and over again, our ranger lost lions paths. He would move in the direction where he thought the lion was going, but there were no songs. Did he then continue in this direction? Not. There is no evidence that the lion crossed this path. He turned around, went back to the last hot tactic and tried to push forward.

You do the same. If something that you try does not keep magic on the hot path, if it feels like boredom or lightheadedness, stop. Your song is cold. It's time to return to your previous hot path and try another direction.

Life Without Purpose, It may feel angry to reach the empty end, but it's not a failure, it's information. When we track the lions, understanding where they did not help narrow the area where they were. It's the same for you - learning that does not encourage you helps you get closer to what it does.

Continue to follow your hot paths. Do not give up! Persistence is the key. When we followed the lion's songs, it seemed to me that we were going in circles. But our ranger and coach were all, moving forward until the songs went cold during the cold, returned, studied the landscape, eliminated the possibilities, made educated guesswork, and united all the pieces. It was masterful.

The process often does not make sense to continue. You think that you are going to escape by saying that something like you should be a course on advanced project management (HR will pay for it!), When someone who is worried about you, learns origami.

Origami? What is the Origami Learning aspect?
Because it feels like the next hot path. This is all you need to know to move forward.
Only after you step forward will the next step become clear. And just after you have left the road, you can look back and see how one step leads to the next and the next. From the above point of view it makes sense.

Be open to various forms that can be used for hot tracks. When we found the lion, it not only printed out dirt, which led us to pride. As we approached, our ranger noticed that the bateleur eagle circled in front of us. Batteries are carved for carcasses killed by other animals. Would it have found a potential meal, compliments of pride? We continued with the eagle's leadership and arrived in a recently killed desert - we approached. And then the doll's pride.

I can not say what your hot entries will be, but they will appear. Maybe it will be a childhood memory? What to meet or need to travel? Maybe a movie or song will be a thread?

Life Without Purpose, What I definitely know if you know it when you feel it. Let your roads show their paths.

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