Monday, March 5, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence, the world's top-paying actress, is Real Estate Removal


Jennifer Lawrence, who has recently crowned the world's largest paid actress for the second year in a row, is still working on playing his real estate.

Star Hunger Games, which, according to Forbes, has calculated $ 46 million before fees and fees, from June 1, 2016, recently sold their starter apartment in Santa Monica, Calif. Her earnings: less than $ 280,000.

Jennifer-Lawrence, the-world-top-paying-actress, is Real-Estate-Removal

Jennifer Lawrence, Property labeled by Variety as Mrs. Lorenzo sold last month at $ 1.15 million, about a month and a half after Coldwell Banker Andrew Thurm was nominated for $ 1.169 million. Review of the fact that gambling in 2006 bought a two-bedroom, two and a half bathrooms, city building about 879 thousand US dollars, long before her Oscar for her role in the romantic comedy "Silver Linings Playbook" in 2012.

It is not clear when the 26-year-old last lived in a 1,413 square foot corps.

Her current residence seems to be better suited to her growing career. In 2014, the actress paid over $ 7 million for 55050 square feet, a five-bedroom stay in Beverly Hills, where there was a gym, gourmet cuisine and a koi pond.

Now, Mrs Lawrence, in my opinion, is looking for properties in Manhattan. According to the New York Post, she recently traveled to the duplex penthouse Tribeca, which could still become the most expensive real estate for a claimed price of $ 17.49 million.

Jennifer Lawrence, the world's top-paying actress, is Real Estate Removal

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