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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Children and food | Smoothie shakes | healthy meals for kids | breakfast for children

A quick and easy solution for a more balanced breakfast for children

Breakfast for Children | As all parents know, small people are a roller coaster of emotions and balancing them can be an experience to pull hair. Most of the time, those that are difficult to deal with emotions and behavior are caused by the imbalance of the body chemistry of the child and, in general, is easily remedied with a more balanced diet. Starting the day in the best way and keeping your blood sugar level at a constant level is key to optimal brain and physical function.

breakfast for children

If children eat a breakfast toast and jam or a bowl of cereal sweetened with milk, they are loading carbohydrates without counteracting them with protein to prevent insulin from being present in their young bodies. Carbohydrates are converted into sugars (glucose) and digested quickly, which activates a high concentration of insulin to flow into the bloodstream. This sudden increase in insulin causes a burst of energy and is often interpreted externally by others as hyperactivity. Just as fast, insulin falls, causing little energy and irritable sensations that those small bodies crave more sweets and carbohydrates to regain energy. A cycle interrupted and corrected only with a better balanced nutrition.

Breakfast for Children The solution to level the highs and lows of blood sugar is to consume a little protein along with toast or cereal in the morning. All that is needed is to add a protein food to breakfast, such as plain yogurt with no added sugars and flavors, a bit of cheese, nut butter, an egg or a small portion of meat or alternative meat. Not only does it balance nutrition better, the feeling of being satisfied and not being hungry lasts longer. Just a little slows down the sugar so it does not move into the bloodstream too fast.

However, adding protein foods when you hurry can take a while that we do not always allow in our morning routine. It is possible to nourish the body with foods that are prepared quickly and that will please children. I found an easy solution to be a "milk shake" made with a good quality protein powder. Several brands of protein powders are available at health food stores and almost all nutritional supplements are sold anywhere. 

Breakfast for Children They have been a popular dietary supplement for nutrients and to help develop muscle mass for several decades. The type of protein powder you choose will depend on your dietary needs. Egg and whey protein powders generally have the highest concentration of protein. Soy and pea proteins are also available, and all come in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavors. Personally, we use vanilla and aromatize it according to our preferences.

Although I do not advocate the use of commercially processed foods as the main part of our food intake, good quality protein powder is an exception when our diet is lost due to other life demands and may offer more benefits than harm. However, like all foods commercially produced to protect oneself, the label should be read to avoid added sugars, artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame and its artificial counterparts and flavorings: there are many inexpensive ways. Smoothies shakes with a little protein powder are delicious, loaded with support for the body and can also be a satisfactory meal replacement.

[Breakfast for Children] | This is what has become one of the pillars of our house when we are in a hurry or for an afternoon in the afternoon. If you take shakes and smoothies new to you, keep it simple at first until you discover your own combination preferences.

Banana smoothie and variation:

I have not met a child who did not drink this simple nutritious shake.

In a 2-liter blender, add:

·         4 peeled bananas, more ripe is naturally sweeter
·         1 liter of milk, cow, soy, almond, rice
·         1-2 tablespoons of flax oil

Place the lid in the blender and turn until smooth.

Add 4 tablespoons of vanilla protein powder with the blender at low speed until well blended.
If you need it more sweet, add honey or maple syrup to taste or even a small amount of blackstrap molasses for a boost of nutrients if the taste is desirable. Cover the blender with milk or water while spinning at low speed.

Serves 4-6 people

  1. Adding flax oil increases your omega-3 intake that can help improve brain function and the ability to focus on a task; for kids and adults. It also adds a soft texture for the most fussy eaters.
  2. The banana shakes are good pair to start, since the texture is always smooth and the sweetness is satisfactory. If you want chocolate flavor, add pure cocoa powder.
  3. Strawberry milkshakes are made by replacing bananas with 2-3 cups of fresh or frozen strawberries. Be creative, use your favorite combination of fruits or berries.
  4. Only protein powder and milk, alternative milk or water are good too! -In the fall, our jack-o-lantern turns into a pumpkin pie smoothie.
  5. For extra protein and nutrients, add nuts, hemp and / or chia seeds to the first step.The possibilities are unlimited, enjoy!
Children and food | Smoothie shakes | healthy meals for kids | breakfast for children

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