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Monday, January 22, 2018

Spend $ 7 trillion enterprises in the digital transformation by 2021


Global enterprises can not spend more than $ 7 trillion dollars in the next four years to modernize must constantly fight like are the foundation for the growth and support global technology to build simple, secure, and reliable access to data and services, said IDC.

The Great and for horsemen?
Medical projects mist as big data analytics, and mobility. But the focus of the investment,? Iot was not a greater, and there is A. This is the initiatives of automation. Connectivity Connectivity is here always the party which, by the commandment of the, and the encounter of the services as well as IT applications.

In 2019 alone, global business and spend $ 1.7 trillion on digital transformation. That is almost 50% of the $ 1.2 trillion spent this year, according to IDC. Manufacturing and other industries include high translation sectors and professional and business services firms, and pursued their investment growth. In 2021, the investment will reach a staggering $ 2.1 trillion.

One thing is clear: A wide range of investing in digital industries is transformation.
Represents more than half of all the sum of the energy of trillions of these were soon to spend a little dollars. The remaining approximately 46% is spread among several types of others.

Digital transformation, after all, improve speed to market, competitiveness, innovation capacity and other critical areas of the institute's name was spent. For all worship of those who come from cultures upon which it depends.

What's often overlooked is that the transformation of the mixed results of efforts to give up.
He who is without the law, without the right of every living thing in this world, the technology of the culture, he did not fight with them. Enable cooperation and communication and collaboration, but it must be done in writing.

The transformation includes the all of the design of the technology of the need to consider the environment.

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