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Monday, December 18, 2017

Online project management courses


The PMP® certification is recognized worldwide as a leading certification for managers. The PMP® certification has been developed by PMI® (The Project Management Institute), founded in 1969 as a non-profit association for project managers and in its decades of experience, PMI® has helped managers to deliver work of high quality that improves your results considerably.

The PMP® certification is truly universal, regardless of the industry, the methodology or the location where you work. In a protected environment, it prepares you to be prepared for the demands of employers around the world.

The PMP® Online Certification is designed for experienced managers who are in charge of complete projects and has the following prerequisites:

• At least 4500 hours of experience in project management;

• 35 hours of project management courses;

• Four-year degree.

To be a PMP certified professional, you must first be trained to do so. The PMP course is essential in preparing for the PMP certification exam, as they provide key information about the product life cycle, the project phases, and the PMP process groups.

Through these courses, you will learn and explore the central source of information for any project manager: Project Management Institute - PMI and the PMBOK guide, published by PMI. In addition, you will be presented with PMP key concepts and terms, as well as project management knowledge areas.

Through these courses, you can get more information about what the PMP certification is and how it will help boost your career. According to the latest studies, a certified PMP manager has a salary 20% higher than those without this certification. Not only that, but a PMP certification says a lot about your commitment to the profession, as well as about PMI's code of ethics and your ability to manage any project that lies ahead.

When you are on the PMP certification route, you will meet other people who have the same objective, take the PMP or are already certified. These contacts can help you get a job better paid or more suited to your needs. And with this certification, everyone will know that you can manage any project, regardless of the industry.

The PMI certification is an achievement in itself and leads to other career opportunities or promotion. Not only does it convince others to trust you, but the knowledge you gain and the acceptance of the lead institution will help you gain confidence in yourself and you will realize that with this certification, literally, there is nothing you can not do with respect to administration.

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