Saturday, December 16, 2017

How to protect your website from hackers

Hackers proliferate on the Internet and it is not unusual for people to have their websites destroyed due to an attack. While these cyber attacks are actually quite common, there are many ways to protect yourself from hackers who roam the Internet. To protect your information from these hackers, you can use these tips to strengthen the security of your website or your personal accounts.

Get an appropriate web server

The first step would be to get a good web server for your website. I know that it is sometimes tempting to get cheaper and lesser known web servers, but it will be more expensive in the future when some hackers attack your website. If you are a Wordpress user, one of the most recommended servers for your use would be, of course, WP Engine, since this is the most compatible and safest business solution for Wordpress. With respect to host security, WPEngine automatically backs up all your data every day and contains protection for your login data and protection of DDoS. With respect to virus protection, WP Engine can automatically eject viruses, such as malware, so that your website does not get infected.

In addition to WP Engine, other web hosting options are Bluehost and Dreamhost. These are the most common ones you can probably use when you have a lower budget. These two also have very strong security features that can help protect your website. The advice here is to make sure you get the ones that have the best reviews on the Internet so you know it's not a scam.

Get the best security accessories

While managing your website, you will notice that there are many add-ons you can do to make your life easier. Part of the add-ons are the security complements that can reinforce the security of your website. If you are using Wordpress, then one of the best would be Better WP Security. A similar security add-on that you can use is Bulletproof Security. Both can help your website to block viruses and malicious attacks that come from piracy.

Create complex passwords

Although this might be an obvious piece of advice, it is often the most forgotten. Having a complex password will not completely protect you from hackers, but at least it can hinder your integration. The best passwords to create would be those that have a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols so that one can not guess.

Use two-factor authentication

One of the methods that most hackers would use to steal your passwords would be to trick you into installing a keylogger on your PC. For those who do not know what a keylogger is, it is a program that records everything you write. This means that the keylogger would even register your passwords. With the use of a keylogger, it is possible that hackers have access to their passwords.

To protect your computer from keyloggers, you must have two-factor authentication, such as Google Authentication. What it does is that it allows you to have a second password that reinforces your security in case the first password has already been violated.

Protect all your files

One thing you should know about websites is that everything on the website is composed of files that are stored in the host database. Of course, these files have permission limits that will limit the number of people who can see these files. To protect your files, you must ensure that only you have permission to write and execute these files. You can change the configuration of your files by clicking on the cPanel File Manager.

Create a backup of all your data

There will be times when it does not matter what you do, your website will be attacked. If this ever happens, you must make sure that all your files are backed up. If they are backed up, you can at least rebuild your website after all online data has been deleted or stolen. The trick here is to make regular backups so that you are ready in case of an attack.

With these tips, you can definitely strengthen the security of your website. Always remember that while you are on the Internet, you will always be susceptible to an attack by a hacker. That's why you should be prepared for anything. What happens with hack attacks is that you will never know when they are going to happen. They can happen at any time! That is why you have to protect your website regularly to avoid being attacked.

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