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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Google reveals what search engines look for in 2017


iPhone 8 and iPhone X occupied No. 2 and No. 3 respectively in Google's general searches this year, and No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in the category of consumer technology search in the list of Google Trends Year in Search 2017 published on Tuesday.

Bitcoin ranked second in global news searches, and "how to buy bitcoin" ranked third among practical searches on Google in 2017.

The Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Xbox One X were the third, fourth and fifth most used consumer technology search terms.

The lists are based on the search terms that had a large increase in traffic in 2017 compared to 2016.

"Those problems that open to the consumer, or are perceived to do so, increase the popularity of the search," said Michael Jude, research manager at Stratecast / Frost & Sullivan.

Some Surprises

The findings "probably correlate with the marketing systems of different providers," Jude told TechNewsWorld.

However, "I had thought that some of the technology services, figured in the list," he said.

The inclusion of the Nintendo Switch came as a surprise to Rob Enderle, principal analyst of the Enderle Group.

"I would have thought that portable devices focused on games became obsolete years ago," he told TechNewsWorld.

Nintendo "has had to have a unique ability to return the concepts of death," Enderle said. The Nintendo Switch "looks like a paralyzed tablet because it is not compatible with the things that most tablets do, but people really like it as a dedicated gaming device."

Since the link of the Lenovo augmented reality headset Star Wars: Jedi Challenges with The Last Jedi, Enderle, thought it could be part of the list, but that "I waited too late to get the search volume as to overtake " Xbox X or any of the smartphones, "he said.

Even so, the AR headset, which is compatible with some iPhone and Android phones, "is selling very well and was updated, so be careful next year," Enderle predicted.

The rise of Bitcoin

"Bitcoin has been heavily publicized in the press as everything from the next universal currency to a hedge against government debt default," said Judas de Frost. "It is not extractable that the general public is beginning to realize."

Interest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing, several commentators and investors predict that the price of Bitcoin could approach the $ 1 million mark.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange launched operations on bitcoin futures on December 10 with the "XBT" symbol. Trade stopped twice that day as futures increased.

The bitcoin futures of the CBOE fell 10 percent on Wednesday, which caused a break of minutes to negotiate.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange will launch bitcoin futures trading on December 17.

"The stories of people starting with (US) $ 100 of bitcoin and ending up as billionaires probably contributed to the massive cryptocurrency frenzy at the moment," Enderle suggested. "Anything that looks like a valid path to getting rich will almost always attract a lot of attention."

Search statistics as predictors

The statistics of the results may be of future trends, but of the rapid technological change, which may be less true for technological products.

Google's list of search terms for 2017 "indicates specific trends and shows that Apple still has a large base of loyal buyers," said Enderle.

"This shows that in 2018, people probably got excited about everything that seems to enrich them, and it is likely that they still have an affinity for hot consumer devices," he added.

The list of search terms "is a good indicator, but you can not predict it very far in the future with it," Enderle said. "People are fickle in this respect, and what is fashionable is that this can be anything less next month."

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