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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

10 Things You Should Know About iPhone 8


The iPhone 8 is bigger than the iPhone 7 and smaller than the iPhone 7+. If you are one of those people who are not fully aware of what the new device was released on September 12 offers, then we've compiled a comma for you. Obviously, being here, we assume that you are aware that all iPhone devices are premium products that are adapted mainly to the most advanced market. Here are some things you need to know.

10. Larger screen
The goal of the iPhone 8 is that it will have a larger screen than any device that Apple has made, but in a smaller body. This means that you now have a fist in your hand and you can enjoy the reasons for buying a bigger phone, without feeling sorry for the reasons why people are not buying the bigger phone. He will not extend his hand to the point of collapse. The 5.8 "screen will enable you to place a small, thin frame on the flash and camera. This will be the main reason for many people to upgrade to the iPhone 8 since any other Apple phone has offered a screen experience of this size.

9. It will be faster than ever before
Apple decided to ship the engine a bit to get more power. Let's say you'll feel like riding a mountain bike instead of a regular two-wheeled car with no gears. You can expect a new chip not only works faster but also offers a graphic sculptor that would be better than before. Apple owes this to the distance between transistors in chips that make power management better. Now we do not want to confuse their minds with physics and electronics, so let's continue to say that this technology will be expensive, yes.

8. iPhone 8 expensive
Sorry to tell you if you expect an update, but you know, Apple offers the most advanced market, so technology like this will not be cheap due to its previous history. You will need a decent income or you will have to save a little before you can pay for this phone. Think of the most expensive fare you have heard, in phone contracts, and then add some more. The phone will cost only $ 1000/900 Gb and 1250 I like, while you can add the fleshy contract price to this figure and calculate the total for you.

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7. It has two cameras
This may not be a surprise, but the cameras will be arranged vertically rather than horizontally. This is for the R functions that we will explain in an instant. I mean enhanced reality. You will have the best images in the form of sharpness and quality due to optical image stabilization in both cameras. You could also literally expand it! The iPhone 7+ peach effect on the screen was modified for iPhone 8 to make the pictures look smoother on social networks. This is a great positive point for users. Basically, phones are a lot about pictures, photos and visual effects.

6. The first R machine from Apple
Apple has not provided by the AR machine in the market. This will be the first. After the camera updates, this will be a big boost in the print that Apple already has. The new iPhone will be able to see its surroundings and the depth of what is being monitored. This was a great work at launch, so it's going to be a big boost this year.

5. OLED screen
Perhaps one of the main competing advantages Samsung has had regarding Apple is the OLED screen that offers rich colors. Apple, although impressive with respect to graphics, appeared black earlier. Colors will now be richer and more immersive. Due to a faster refresh of the screen, the device also gives way to virtual reality. The new screen allows to play in HD and the best visual effects in terms of smoothness. These panels are being produced by Samsung and if Apple joins, it will definitely make money through it.

4. No start button
In fact there is no button at all. The button was turned off on the iPhone 7, where it was shaken when pushed, but now it has been completely removed. So, how will users apply "get home" when using the new Apple iPhone? Well, the button will be there and in the same place, but instead of being physically there, it will be at the bottom of the screen while users use its application. In the future, the button can go to the back of the phone to play or become something completely different software. Users may find it difficult to adapt to this, but we do not see why it should be a problem when they earn a lot of screen in exchange for a button.

3. Battery: Hope should not die
They say the battery is bigger this time. Well, let's hope it's because this is something that Evon users have expected a lot. The large screen will require more work capacity due to the larger number of pixels, so the internal configuration was necessary. We still have to see a good battery like Mia or Nokia, but with a battery of 3000 mAh, the iPhone 8 can not be the most expensive moment just closed when you need the camera. The iPhone 7 to 2700 mAh was a battery that animated things when it was done, and perhaps Apple now has the most durable iPhone to date, and this too with improvements from the CPU. Double view!

2. No headphone jack
Talking about the new design of the iPhone 8, there is no headphone jack "anywhere" on the phone. Apple released its audio assistance, which is a harbinger of the wireless future that the company is looking at, because of the current experience, it has certainly gained importance. If playing with a cable while listening to something still addictive, you can find some Apple-friendly headphones that you can insert into the lighting outlet.

1. Do not download
This is something that drives me to buy the Evon 8 safely. Imagine not having to plug in the cable! Apple has taken the first place in the latest wireless technology, where all the glass back of the iPhone 8 and two future versions, announced the company's tenth anniversary, will allow the phones to charge wirelessly. Third party accessories that support the standard charging Qi and its own IRM accessories will be used. This is a challenge that users have been looking for for a long time.

Apple expects that you will not mind the price that comes with the iPhone 8. It also moves away from the legacy of the introduction of the tool every two years: it will launch three devices per year. Apple two years before its competitors this is what scares rivals. With three devices coming out in one year, how can you leave others behind?

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