Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Diamond in the Rough

Know about Diamond in the Rough

There are two different meaning about "diamond in the rough". First is related to person and second is about Diamond Stone.

diamond in the rough

First meaning: Some People think that when someone said to someone that diamond in the rough, it's a compliment, my dear friend. Diamond in the rough is always a compliment, but it means that someone has found you like a diamond - MAYBE you are a very giver - but you are shy and surly about what you do: like a directly taken diamond from the mine - rough. But if you learn to accept compliments and thanks when you do something for someone or give someone something, the diamond that you will be and polished and shine like a diamond and you will no longer be rough.

Organizational Structure With Types

Know about organizational structure

What is an organizational structure?

Every organization must arrange its activities to achieve its goals. Organizational structure is the blueprint for this scheme. It is the way in which an organization is connected. Managers must have knowledge of the structure for various reasons. Knowledge about how organizations are put together helps managers to understand 'the big picture'. Without any knowledge of structure, it is difficult to know how the human resources of an organization are deployed and where these resources are located, what information can be obtained from this and what contribution they can expect to make to the organization.

organizational structure
Structure provides instructions about the location of electricity and is an indicator of the management philosophy of a company. Structure must reflect and facilitate the achievement of the objectives of an organization. In short, a manager can better understand her own place in the structure of the whole by knowing something about structure.


Know about Empowerment

First of all, how do we define empowerment? I believe that we first considered empowerment as desirable as a response to giving away power or being "powerless." To be empowered is to control someone's life. (However, it does not include power over the lives of others.) In management terms, empowerment is giving power and authority to a person to perform their assigned duties in any way, and having the power to make decisions. Simply put, a person can complete his job description with minimal supervision. To be empowered and to have control or power over life, it includes control over all facets of life: it means thinking for yourself and taking responsibility for one's own life, as well as being active instead of just passive; it means going beyond independence to independence.

Traditionally, an employee must request permission from a supervisor before making a decision. In such a system, time is wasted while searching for and waiting for approval. Instead of wasting time in this process, time can be spent solving a more critical problem that exists.

Leadership Definition

Know about Leadership Definition

It is a challenge to formulate a single leadership definition that is beyond the scope of this article, but there are two definitions of leadership that I have picked up along the way and that I would like to share with you here because they make a lot of sense to me .

leadership definition

Definition of leadership No. 1

In the hugely popular leadership training, UGL - Understand Group and Leadership, there is a definition of leadership that fits; "leadership is the ability of the manager to create the circumstances through which his or her employees personality, knowledge, interests, initiative and willingness to collaborate can be arranged in such a way that the tasks performed are solved in the best possible way".

Types of Leadership

Know about Types of Leadership

Types of leadership can be characterized in different ways. Sometimes the focus is on leadership styles and at other times the focus is on the characteristics of a leader. But another way to look at leadership types is at the organizational level. Leading at different levels of an organization requires that a leader uses a different approach at every level. That is why it is important that leaders understand the different types of leadership and know what they must do to be an effective leader at every level. Although it is fact that complex organizations can have many different levels, here are the basic types of leadership based on organizational levels:

types of leadership
You need integrity to create trust in your followers. They must believe that you will do what you say you will do. You walk the conversation. A common mistake that many leaders are guilty of is making promises that they cannot keep. That's why you have to be very careful what you say to your followers. People are not disabled by someone who is careful with promises. They know that you only enter into obligations that you meet. Because they can trust that you will not keep your promises, they are therefore better followers.